Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mind full.

Back home now. From BlogHer.
Speechless (almost).
So many new friends. So many gorgeously giant brains. So many mammaries! So much inspiration, so much to process, so much fun.
My new best roommate in the world, and the woman who convinced me to go to BlogHer, was none other than the amazingly great prize winning writer, Jenijen. Who will certainly achieve sainthood for offering to share her room with A BABY (and me too) after being able to leave her own four at home. My deepest thanks, dearest one.
I think we had a little too much fun nearly peeing ourselves with hysterical giggles at- I think it was - 3 am, poor little Bubbles. Actually, he was quite the partier himself and stayed up rockin it with the flirting and the ladies until most little 9 month old babies were already fast asleep.
Check out his hot new girlfriend, Adrianna.
Does that kid look like he had fun, or what?


Anonymous said...

You have some pretty nice mammaries yourself. ;P Loved meeting you, Gwen! We need to get together again soon.

Mary Tsao said...

Wow is right. Seriously, my head is still spinning. Coming back to Earth is hard!

P.S. I love all of your clothes and you look great in them, mammaries and all.

Adrianna said...

So lovely to meet you and my new sweetheart. All of my friends are drooling over little E.! Will def keep in touch, and if you're ever in NYC, please look me up.