Monday, April 21, 2008

All non-sequiturs and not one mention of death!! (oops)

  • It's official: Bubbles is out of the crib. He is a big boy.

  • Also official: My Insanity, as I actually got teary when the crib was taken down,

  • and also got teary that I had not gotten a photo of the crib before it was taken down. (shuddup. baby factory is closed. doesn't mean I have to be thrilled about it. shuddup.)

  • Bubbles and Supergirl love sharing a room so far, (she cuddled him to sleep last night, ::sniff sniff::) and I can proudly say that our bed is now 40% more roomy for approximately 67% more of the entire night.

  • They both end up in our bed in the morning because apparently they have magnets embedded in their brains which are drawn to my bedframe (it seems that the magnets only work while dark; am thinking of moving to Alaska so I get better sleep during the 20 hours of daylight).

  • I confess that I am truly an FLDS voyeur and if anyone who lives in Canada can get me THIS before the US comes out with it in six (omfg) will ROCK MY WORLD and be rewarded with something super fabulous (I'll think of something) (she did!).

  • I might just include this and this. The best pair of books I have read in a long time. If you're into leprosy Hansen's Disease of course. Don't be afraid.

  • This past week I made this cowboy sammich. It rocks. Mmmmm...butter and beef!

  • I also made this super easy incredibly delicious 'even my two year old who only likes beef ate it' peanut chicken. I am in awe of these mothers who homeschool their four and seven children and actually cook food. (where is their mountain of laundry hiding???) I also pay close attention to their recipes, because they are not about to create any extra work for anyone.

  • I have been amazing myself with domestic godessness. Lately, on the days when I am not teaching early, I have been using 30-45 minutes in the morning to prepare dinner so all that has to be done is the actual cooking. It seems like such a simple act, but this has changed our entire evenings! For one thing, eliminating the choice+preparation+cooking+whiny children equation for me = waaay better mama at that hour (and don't even pretend you don't know what I am talking about). Added bonus? Mama gets to sit in the late afternoon sun and have a beer play endless games of tag and jump on the trampoline and jumpjumpjump playplayplay before turning into the kitchen witch. (who am I kidding? beer thirty playdate between 4:30-5:30; my place.)

  • Tonight we are having honey lemon grilled chicken with a hearty spinach salad.

  • Who wants to come over for dessert? We have these. And we will have some of these.


DadaMama said...

God help me, I'm on my way over for brownies.

I'm trying to give up sugar because Superbaby and I can't shake this case of thrush, and then YOU COME ALONG with your DAMN BEWITCHING BROWNIES.

Apparently, I have no will power. :)

chris said...

4:30 you say? Look for me.

Also, I like to joke that I cook 2 meals a week and photograph both of them. ;-)

Shannon and Carey said...

I'll be over for a beer in the late afternoon sun. Lime please. And I'll take some of them there brownies!
Very entertaining post. Congrats to Bubbles on the big boy bed.
-Shannon in Austin

mamadaisy said...

do you ship yumminess to Florida?

Denise said...

I will have to wait for the tequila and brownuies untill i come to visit. Congrats to bubbles. Oh and sorry that the baby making machine is closing:( That was a tough decision for me to make.

2 Vermont Chitlins said...

Yes--I am not looking forward to Ruby moving to a big girl bed anytime soon! My baby house is closed as well--although not by me. "The Man" has put an end to it--sheesh--it's not like it's much work for him after the fun's been had! ;-)

and--wow--that dinner sounds tay-stee! =)

Cindy said...

Oh god, I've got to make those brownies. They look like the homemade version of the Sarah Lee ones my mom would buy only when we were camping. That was also the only time we ever had Spam too. What's up with that.

Anywhoo, congrats on surviving the move into the big bed. I cried when we took apart Sophie's crib--and so did she. She was three but not quite ready to give it up yet, but my SIL wanted the crib back so she could use it to decorate her daughter's nursery (I swear the kid never once slept in it). And my daughter had to give up her safe little nest. But I'm not bitter. Because I'm just not like that.

Have a good weekend!