Monday, April 14, 2008

Teensy Bit O Wallowing

Somebody is becoming quite the quick learner!
The day after I wrote about this, using juice as the holy grail perfect example, and the day after we were practicing relentlessly consistent CTD (aahhhhh this is so HAAARD!), Bubbles came downstairs with me in the morning, walked into the kitchen behind me, and said,
"I want juice."
All. Three. Words.

Sure, it came out more like, "Ah wuh juuuuuz."
And I will take it. (for now)

And all day long after that little morning greeting?
I heard, "I need help!"
Instead of the usual seventybillionteen times a day we would just hear him cry out what he believed to be the key to the universe:


And guess what I am doing right now? With the success of these incredibly holistic newly found (but hardly new) parenting strategies?



Cindy said...

Wow--it's really working! Snaps to Bubbles and snaps to you!!

Tracey said...

You must be SO PROUD!!! Congrats on the incredible improvement for Bubbles!

mamadaisy said...

woohoo! you have both earned the right to be proud! you guys totally rock.

Lin said...

Who's a little rock star!?!

Fantastic news, G.

Anonymous said...

Yay! That is awesome:) Will it work on a wiley ten month old?

Denise said...

Hey G,
The bleu cheese is on me when I come to visit! Hugs to Bubbles!

Aunt Jennie/Dee-Dee said...

Wallow wallow girl! Wow! Good job Bubbles! Keep those words comin' Big Boy!!!!

Tricia said...


Hey, how old is Bubbles??? You know, kind of exactly?

Anonymous said...

He is doing great. You have every right to wallow and be proud of yourself for doing such a great job generalizing all the skills he is learning. Generalization is a crucial part of ABA, which is why parents need to be so trained themselves in all the principles of ABA. Sounds like you are one of his best therapists which I always tell parents they need to be! He'll keep making more and more progress--you watch.

Linda said...

Yeah for bubbles!

(umm, I'm not sure that i would want the bleu cheese to be "on" denise, but she is kinda crazy like that!)

Wallow, Wallow!!!!