Thursday, April 03, 2008

Seven Lame Things, plus bonus features

How lucky can a girl get? I clicked over at Laura's blob and she has made a huge contribution to the world today. Asking us to name seven things that are lame.
I know, just seven, quit yer bitching.
As you know, listing lame things is a specialty of mine.

  1. Only 24 hours. Really? The best you can do? Cause, I don't know about you, but I am not getting shit done.
  2. Pooping with an audience. For reals.
  3. Dead babies. Oh come on. You knew I was going to put that one, right?
  4. Oil company profits.
  5. Non-working parents who do not help in the classroom, ever.
  6. Parents who do not enforce limits. (hello, future!)
  7. Too many to end at seven? ME TOO!!!!

If you are reading this, please consider yourself tagged.

You can consider this the best tag ever.

Leave a link in the comments.


krystal said...

Im on it. Just give me until tomorrow, as i'v already posted two nonsensical delirious blog posts today. By the way, would you mind helping me figure out how to do that cool crossing out of words that you and other more experienced bloggers do??

Thanks, and I am really enjoying reading your blog.


jess said...

done like dinner. finally a meme i can wrap my smarmy ass around.

jess said...

Done and Done.

krystal said...

I'm done too.


gwendomama said...


Your profile is 'not available' to me. I encourage you to 'enable access' (google/blogger's term) so that we can READ YOUR BLOG!
or send a link!


jess said...

hmm, well that is odd. Ok, so take two ;0)

hopefully that works.

Tricia said...


In a weird way, that felt good.

DadaMama said...