Saturday, April 05, 2008

I am special got lucky

Why do I feel special right now?

Because I applied for, and received, a coveted BlogHership.

Dude, it's true. If you go to BlogHer conference in San Francisco this summer, you will have a very good chance of running into me. Looking more official than you. Because my extra speshool nametag will make me so. Somehow. I imagine. You know.
I'm all backstage.

Look babes*, I staffed Neil Young and Rolling Stone concerts.
I may be working the registration table. Don't think you will get in without a pass. I can be formidable.

I'm not sure what in my pleas application email scored me the job, but it may have had something to do with my proclamations of being way more than bossy enough to be a mic runner/time keeper. *snap*
Or maybe it was my demanding super nice tone that suggested that I am talkative, nosy friendly enough to be of indispensable help at the registration desk. *delivery of schwag*
Not sure what it was, but you can be sure that, if you are checking in at BlogHer and I am the one to register you, I will be extremely friendly and as helpful as I can be. (no matter what you may have read about me, I swear I can be.) (seriously) (first 50 get cupcakes!!)
You can also start forming your thoughts concisely and nicely. Because if I am a mic runner in your session, then I am FAST, and I am BOSSY and I will take that mic away from you if your time is up. Unless you are on some courageous mission. In which case you will get an extra ten seconds.

But one thing is for sure, I am going to BlogHer 'o8.

*oh yes, and you too, Guy Kawasaki. I will be totally looking for you. So I can deliver a two year old hug to you.


krystal said...

Well done. Bravo. I'd be super siked too.

Denise said...


Tricia said...

See ya there!

DadaMama said...

You *are* special. I wish I could got o BlogHer, but it's not gonna happent his year.

capello said...

dude.... DUDE! supposedly i get to go too!

(you know, i'm guessing this is when some people would tend to say "squueeee!" but not me, even though i'm totally doing that irl.)

Boss of Seattle said...

Bossy and fast you say? Isn't that selling yourself short? I mean c'mon! You are more than bossy and fast(?) i can't even keep up with you when walking between aisles in the grocery store! They are gonna L-O-V-E your swiftness and "directiveness" I say... You BET.

Cindy said...

I'm so bummed I won't be around this summer for this (we'll be in Montana for a sort of mini family reunion). Will BlogHer be back next year?

Anonymous said...

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