Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have been thinking about this a lot.

I read to my children far too much; it is time they learned to read their own damn books.
I clean my childrens' room far too much; this week they will be cleaning their own room every day.
I play with my children. They need to learn to use their imaginations!
I cook for my children. They are lazy little royalty who barely know how to scramble their own eggs. This week I will put fresh batteries in the smoke detector and hand them my breakfast menu request.
I drive them everywere. Birthday parties, lessons, the beach, the park, the store, school, etc. What a crock! They don't even help pay for the gas!
I wipe their butts. Don't get me started.
I hear endless hours of whining for doling out the wrong (gasp!) color bowl, the wrong flavor lollipop, the wrong texture of sandwich.
When the complaining begins, I remind them what a blog is for and why they should leave mama alone before she locks them in a box.

I spend so much time with my children, that I fear someday they will be all grown up and I will realize that I spent hardly any time at all on the computer, googling how to keep them alive and happy.

Also, my children want so much attention from me, that I have encouraged them to start their own blogs. Once they do this and are on their own computers blogging all of the time, they will realize that I give them way too much attention and they will beg me to leave them alone so they can blog.

We are not followers.


Linda said...

Pay for the gas? Hell, they should be riding their bikes or big wheels or whatever when they want to get somewhere. Then they could get themselves little mcjobs too. That'll keep them out of your hair!

And if they do start blogs, I will totally read them because I really like kids and what they have to say. But they better get the mcjob first so they can buy laptops.

Denise said...

Ungrateful little shits.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw your comment at Heathers' place (no pasa nada) and wanted to come by and give the late, late, probably meaningless words of a stranger to you:

I am SO very sorry for your loss. What staggering amounts of pain we humans endure.

Desha (the long version @ wordpress)

Shannon and Carey said...

lol at Denise. I barely had time to get ready today. And Im getting ready so we can go to Toys R Us (OMG!) to spend a little gift certificate money. Do they make Little Tikes Child Cages? Or Little Tikes Children's Martini Bars? I'll look!

MoziEsmé said...

Sounds like your children are loved!

Can't wait until I can get Esme writing her own blog (maybe at 18 months?) so she'll leave me alone to write mine.