Wednesday, October 01, 2008

FUNDAMENTALLY, I have to mention something....

There's a new buzzword for the McCain campaign.

First we heard from GW that the fundamentals of our economy were strong.

Now, in an interview with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register, McCain repeatedly
(and very angrily) expresses how he 'fundamentally disagrees' with the implication that SP is inexperienced and he fundamentally disagrees that the American people don't like her. (I guess he also fundamentally disagrees with actual polls).


Did you hear the dogwhistle? Everytime I hear that word *fundamental* on the news, I imagine someone at the McCampaign claps their hands together and claims to have reclaimed another wayward liberal Christian, diverted on their path by visions of change, inclusion, faith, and love.

They are flailing, they need something...I get that, I really do.

But it just seems like another one of the talking points cheap trick distraction methods (LOOK, A PUPPY!) that the uber-conservatives have used to hijacked Christianity. This isn't news to people like my mother, and many good friends who have watched in jaw-dropping horror as 'their religion' has been abducted and absorbed into the conservative vision, re-invented and spewed back out in the form of Fundamentalism, Evangelism, and supremacy.
A political party religion which preaches intolerance, judgment, exclusion, racism, ignorance, hatred, fear.
While I know this is more prevalent in other parts of the country than this (thankfully) liberal bubble surrounding us (called: our region), even local friends who happen to also practice Christianity are feeling this separation of church and church. I wonder if that has anything to do with the frequent infusions of politics into faith. Hmmmm.....

Oh, and let us not forget how they have also managed to own 'life'! That is impressive.

If only a 'culture of life' could be further embraced by the American people.

Seriously. WTF IS THAT?

Tick, tick, tick....can you hear it?

I may be looking forward to the debate this evening just a teensy bit too much.

And now, I am new and improved...with twice the amount of spite!


Cindy said...

Back at you! It's all just too much

When you have a minute would you please come over and bitch slap Tickled Pink and Green again? She's commented THREE TIMES on a single post. Doesn't she have some conservative blog to go haunt? I know my recipes are great, but jeez. It's giving me the vapors.


p.s Jen Yu would like to kidnap both of us and take us to lunch. That would be a good time.

mamadaisy said...

I am SO excited about the debate tonight. I am such a dork.

PiggyToes said...

If you are interested in a sure way to get toasted, we plan to drink EVERY time Sarah says any of these words... Oh, and we will be playing bingo too! I hope Biden slaughters her.

Kate said...

Perhaps he doesn't really know what "fundamentally" means...or perhaps he thinks it will make the "fundamentalists" like him even more;) Found your blog from Cindy "Figs."

I may pass on the debate in favor of a good book - or I may have to turn it into a drinking game as another commenter mentioned! Listening to Palin makes me angry and listening to Biden...well he has some good ideas but he's not half the speaker that Obama is:)

Lunasea said...

I drank every time Palin said something "folksy." I have to go pass out now.

gwendomama said...

i big pink feathery heart you all.

PiggyToes said...

I drank an entire bottle of wine last night thanks to Palin. "Mav-errrr-rick" is what got me! Momma needs some coffee now.

And am I out there but did Biden actually look kinda hot last night? Maybe it was the wine.

Jen Yu said...

I think I love you, hon...

I love the way you bring out the smack down over at Figs'.

One day I will kidnap the both of you and take you to lunch for some frothing-at-the-mouth shit-talking of Republican assholery.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, what can I say? I like her. You know why? She's a soccer Mom. And I'm a soccer Mom too. As a soccer Mom I can really identify with her. Taking my kids to practice and games is tough! I'm so happy we have the opportunity to have a soccer Mom one step away from President. Finally we can have a decent conversation with other political figures in countries like Brazil and Germany and really keep up with soccer. Because when things will get tough internationally speaking, soccer will matter.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell her it's E-raq, and not I-raq.