Saturday, October 11, 2008

Get in line for my next GREAT IDEA

I invented something that is going to make me a billionaire.

You will probably want one.

My friend was telling me to go to good vibrations. She said, "Oh those ladies there will just tailor right to your needs!"

I blushed, "You mean they do a fitting or something? Ummm. That sounds embarrassing."

"No, no - they ask you what you like and how you like it and set you RIGHT UP!"

"Ooooh! I know just what I want! I want a vibrator that pours me a glass of wine, tells me I'm super, and then gets me off!"

"I want one of those too. Sign me up for the first 100."


Anonymous said...

escort service!


sarafoop said...

Fabulous idea!
Incidentally, there's a very tasteful place on Church St near the library called Pure Pleasure, very much like good vibes.

Anonymous said...

Lead the way. Where do I go? Do they coe in hot pink?

Kelley said...

I want the model that puts a chocolate on my pillow and cleans the toilet too please.

Kate said...


Why did God make men?
Because vibrators can't mow the lawn;)

Eliza said...

No thank you. I am suspicious of anything bearing alcoholic beverages lately ;P

chris said...

I'll take one of those too.

MaryP said...

It's not quite as good as what you've got in mind, but the his'n'her model's kinda cool. (Hands free, no less!) And then, if you've got the big bucks, how about one that can be programmed, and comes with a teeny mechanical tongue???