Sunday, October 11, 2009

Apraxia in Action: Again

So, we love to go to the thrift store on Tuesdays, because it is half price day.
We got this totally lame awesome find for only $2.5o the other day, and Bubbles is in love with it's archaic attractions. We start with just the word 'flamingos', which in some way, I would love to never change and always hear in (my mind at least) as 'fingogos, yeah!'....forever.

On the other hand, we have put almost two years into this speech therapy business, and that is almost half of Bubbles' life. Pretty soon he will have been in speech therapy for more than half of his life...

So. Here is the part where I introduce you to what I do approximately 23.8 times per day.

Oh yeah, watch the magic.


Rev. Tod Almighty said...

Awesome!! He did it at the end!! Fingogos...yeah!!

Miss you and your lovely kiddos!!

Cindy said...

Yeah--it is magic. He is the bomb, and so are you.

mamadaisy said...

oh, man, that's yummy!

jess said...

Fla-ming-GOS YEAH! Little guy is full of pride (love his grin) and so is Mama when he gets it.

P.S. I am always always amazed at Bubbles progress... so once again Yay Bubbles! and Yay Mama!

Mama Deb said...

He is just doing so well. So exciting!!