Monday, October 19, 2009


Everything is fine, nothing to see over here.

Yes, I know many of you know we went back to court today.

Nothing happened - there was not enough information offered today for a ruling, so we are going back on Nov 13th, with a bit of mediation sprinkled in.

He used to call it 'the sledgehammer'. He'd bring it out if he needed to...get something done. Or just if he wanted to disarm someone.
He would tell them about Elijah.
Wouldn't talk about Elijah with me, ever. (That's what your blog is for, he'd remind me.)
But the sledgehammer, use as needed, was his weapon.

Today, in court, he pulled out that sledge hammer over and over.
And I feel fucking pummeled.

Nice one, dude. Real nice.


Debbie said...

He is deranged and trying to make this as hard on you as he possibly can. And clearly he knows that Elijah is your kryptonite.
So sorry, Gwendolyn.

Jennifer said...

I am pulling for you. In the end He will get his just deserts. The dude has bad karma and in time the bad karma will do its thing to him. as the saying goes what goes around comes around so he better be watching his ass!

Headless Mom said...


Which Box said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry. So sorry.

RoseRedHoofbeats said...

Oh my God. Fucking asshole.

*conjures black magic*

Denise said...

Someone needs to dropa house on him.

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