Saturday, October 15, 2005

36 weeks

It's rather exciting - I have never been this pregnant before! I mean, yes, I have been farther along in (one of) my pregnancies before, but this little Bubbles is BIGGER than either supergirl or Elijah, and I can feel it! WOW, can I feel it! Where I had not grown in the belly in the previous weeks, I had another growth spurt to make up for THREE weeks in just one! Truly, my breasts have now assumed a resting place on top of the lovely shelf my belly has made for them, which is rising over and obscuring at least three ribs. And my belly, with Bubbles' head being SO LOW and engaged, is very happy to rest upon my thighs. I feel as if I need to hold it all up, cupping my hands under the belly like a sling when I walk around.
This little guy is also more active than the first two, so I can feel him banging his head into my cervix, while pressing a heel into my ribcage and kneeing out my belly button all at the same time. Of course I complain a little - only when my lungs and bladder are simultaneously squashed- but I truthfully love (nearly) every minute of it. Of course, I wasn't kidding about the rabbit kicking when I bend or lean over too far. I mentioned this to dh and he looked VERY alarmed..."Rabbit kicking??" he repeated slowly, eyes wide with suspicion and terror.
Oh yes. Rabbit kicking. Look out, this guy is going to be a mover! I think dh is just getting the grasp of that. As if watching my belly play alien hasn't been a fair enough indication??

The fool's moon is coming right up, and I am hoping that Bubbles can resist its pull and stay put for at least another week (with supergirl's loud orders issued thrice daily)...but I have to admit, I am getting pretty excited to see the face that goes along with all those flailing limbs.
Did I just say that? Am I really starting to be all optimistic about the outcome here? Help - someone save me from my own body's hormone overdose!


Kathie said...

Just found your blog through one of the about 17billion others I read, and wanted to wish you the very best! Everything sounds to be going perfectly! Look forward to seeing "Bubbles" too!

Emily said...

Hooray for Bubbles! Kick away, little boy! And hooray for you being optimistic. YAY!

mamadaisy said...

Glad you are still pregnant! I am at 32 weeks and threatening to go early, too. Best of luck to you.

Candy said...

Sooo relieved to see a post from you. Who's going to update us when due day finally comes?? Do we all just have to sit out here in cyber-limbo waiting for the outcome? I'm not sure I will be able to go on.