Monday, October 24, 2005

37 weeks

Still pregnant.
Someone's head is wedged in my pelvis.
Hugely sensitive.

Either something is happening or I am just having a moment with my irritable uterus. DAMN! Where IS that crystal ball????
Another day of labor closer to a baby, but another day of labor. ugh.
I want to be generous sounding and say one more week. Okay.
One more week.
BUT THAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!


Alison said...

You sound grumpy, Darlin', like a woman who is about to have a baby. That's good.

georgia said...

You are so funny and so right on about all of this stuff. You will have him in your arms soon! I love reading your posts. Your non-sequitir blog was freaking hilarious! (my husband was great friends with the anesthesiologist who saw me at my worst...) Keep posting, sounds like that baby's coming so soon!!!

Jen said...

Just stopping by to send some good laboring vibes your way. I enjoyed reading your story over at Naked Jen. I love it when the world is small.

Emily said...

Good luck. If I was there, I would give you a marvelous back massage and then get you whatever foods, etc. your heart desired. :-)