Sunday, October 30, 2005


As you can plainly see, Bubbles (aka melonhead, aka punkin just for today and tomorrow) is still INSIDE of me.
Nobody is more shocked than his parents.
Dh says that he is a scorpio, therefore he has no intention of coming out voluntarily. After all this effort to keep him in long enough, it is pretty unthinkable to imagine that we will be kicking him out of his warm little womb. I feel kinda bad about that. I am also feeling very nostalgic about this being the last few days I will ever be pregnant. For as much heartburn and lung compression I am feeling right now, there is still nothing quite so wonderful in my book as feeling a baby grow and move inside of me.
So, on Wednesday I will go to have the membranes stripped (apparently as awful as it sounds), take the herbs and hope for 'natural' induction. If that doesn't do the trick, I will be headed for the pitocin around 9am Thursday.
I think I will now go have a quiet moment to mull that over.


Alison said...

Beautiful picture Pumpkin! I will be thinking of you and your family on wednesday and Thursday Gwendolyn. Good luck for a fast and "easy" ish labor! Much love, Alison

GraceD said...

membranes "stripped"? gaaaah!

sending love and blessings your way, beautiful woman. keep us apprised blogwise.


livin_live said...

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