Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm so relaxed, I have to remind myself to breathe!

I don't think I have ever spent five days in any one location and garnered as much slowed down relaxation time as I have here.
In three hours we must be moved out of this house for the next lucky people who stumbled upon paradise available for rent. We are then headed to the Kona side for the rest of our vacation - I am sad to leave the Puna district, for it feels like Hanalei does to me - home. A stack of real estate magazines and good intentions shall accompany us home.
The energy on this island is pulsing, palpable. Perhaps because of the new life being created by Pele as we speak. Suddenly, looking around at the lava-covered devastation, the life force emanating from the volcano is just as obvious as the destruction force. Land is being born here as I type.
I don't think we will make it to the area where we can see 'HOT LAVA' (scream this phrase for the full Supergirl effect) as we would be toting two kiddos over hot black a'a for two miles each way, but our 'journey to the other side' will include adventures and exploring, since it is all new to us.
Now, I must gather up the diapers, bathing suits, snacks and beach towels and cram it all into the rental car that will take us through our next adventures and on to the next house - the one with a pool and a tiki bar! Stay tuned!


Auntie Dee-Dee said...

Safe travels! Looking forward to your next excerpt on Paradise!

nakedjen said...

i am so jealous. you have big island brain! it's my most favorite brain of all. i want it back.

i need to get back there.


p.s. happiest birthday, early.

Lin said...

So delighted to hear of your total relaxation. This is so good for all of you. xoxoxox

Pictures me doing that little thumb and baby finger wave at you just now.

Geener said...

you're torturing me.

gwendomama said...

DON'T BE TORTURED - COME CELEBRATE MY BDAY WITH ME!!! Aloha is having a sale - $119 each way oak-koa (fly btwn 9/20-9/30 - buy now!!)- i will pick you up at the airport and make you waffles in the morning!!!!
we have room!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gwen! I switched computers and had to search out your blog again. Happy belated birthday! No wonder we liked each other when we first met, I am also a Virgo. Ha!
Your vacation sounds wonderful and I am jealous!

scribbit said...

I LOVE Hawaii--it's the only place I can really relax. Enjoy the vacation!