Friday, September 15, 2006

Somebody pinch me

I woke this morning to the sunrise on the east side of the island of Hawaii. My son was sleeping next to my daughter, who had climbed in to join the family some hours earlier. The sunrise silhouetted their faces - they have the exact same profile, in two different sizes.

Supergirl woke and nuzzled into the head of her brother.
"Mama, the baby smells so good! He smells like very clean pancakes and syrup!" she exclaimed.
I sniffed; she was right!

Then we went out to swim with sea turtles in our back'yard'.


mamadaisy said...

absolutely wonderful!

elkit said...

I'm hoping you'll take lotsa pictures, and wil share them with us all.

Elizabeth said...

Supergirl IS right, a baby's head does sort of smell like pancakes! What a precious moment that was for you.


Karianna said...

Clean pancakes! Oh, how wonderful. :)

Auntie Dee-Dee said...