Saturday, September 30, 2006


Is what they call they grey cloud that hangs over Kona and it's higher neighbors.
You will not learn this from the tourist bureau of Hawaii, that is for sure.
So, what is VOG? Well, it's like fog, or smog, but it's from the volcano, so they call it VOG.
Apparently, when the volcano is spewing HOT LAVA into the ocean in great quantities, the VOG gets worse. Like now.
When the HOT LAVA hits the ocean water, apparently clouds of sulfur dioxide and other gasses are formed. These gasses are carried up by the tradewinds and just sit there on the mountain. So after about 1pm there is NO SUN and no sign of sun.
I am not a fan of Kona.

Many more details to come, but here's a synopsis:
Dh's computer got terribly disabling worm and I could not blog.
I did turn 40.
Aloha Airlines cancelled (yes, cancelled) our flight and we sqeezed two more days out of the vacation. So I am not going to waste my last 12 hours in Hawaii blogging about it. That can wait for home.

But blogging about VOG? That could not wait.


mamadaisy said...

damn, girl. you are STILL in Hawaii??? totally unfair, i say, totally unfair.

glad you are enjoying an extra two days. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Turning 40, what's that like? I'm doing it in January, but not in Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

How very clever of you to turn 40 in Hawaii. I like your style.

nakedjen said...

are you home now? how are you boobs?