Monday, October 09, 2006



Back to work. Full force. With baby in tow, which sure adds to the fun but HELL it complicates things!
Five year old who throws screaming fits about socks and waistbands and breakfast (won't eat it) EVERY SINGLE MORNING before school and our family is so traumatized and tired of it.
Yes, we are all having a bit of adjustment period. I can speak emphatically for my own PHSD (post-Hawaii-sadness-disorder). Boohoo for me, I know.
But so much to blog about and no time or access to full time brain cells.
Because, as I may have mentioned before, MY BABY DOES NOT LIKE TO SLEEP. This includes napping for more than 30 minutes or sleeping at night for more than ONE HOUR at a time. Yes, I have an eleven month old who still wakes up hourly for a little rendezvous with the boobs. And, because I am a terrible parent who continually caves to her skinny (yes! just ask the pediatrician!) bleating baby, it continues to happen.
My baby has taught himself to cry pitifully, "Nononighnigh, nononighnigh!" And yes, I am serious.
And yet, in all other ways possible, he is perfect. Really. I would go into details more right now if I wasn't so sure he is going to wake up in the next seven minutes!
I have so much more work to do in Hawaii, I feel I did not investigate thoroughly enough and must go back ASAP. Since I have one kick-ass letter to write to a certain airline who totally owes me some cash or new tickets after that little fiasco, heh?, hopefully that will happen very soon. As I explained to Supergirl's school, relocating takes a lot of investigation and contemplation. And visits to Hawaii.
I had a blog-iversary and didn't even notice. Well hurrah for me.
I have a very entertaining birthday story to share. At least that is the way I have come to look at it.
I swam with more naia and honu than I could count.
But ah - he stirs!
For now, I leave you with this:


scribbit said...

I can't say enough about how wonderful Hawaii is, it's the only place I really feel relaxed and where we truly vacation. Growing up we spent Thanksgivings there and I remember turkey sandwiches around the table while in our swimsuits and the smell of sunblock mixing with the general holiday aroma. Talk about being thankful--

Jenijen said...

Glad you are back, even if you aren't so happy to be.

Laurie said...

Love Hawaii. Best place ever (also where the hubs and I got married) so very special to me. Welcome home! :)

Lin said...

Welcome home...and are you truly planning a move???

Sounds like it would be a place that would make your heart sing.