Thursday, October 12, 2006

What else is not fair today?

Life as we know it may be over, unless by some miracle, Santa Cruz can supply me with a replacement. Which is where I will go as soon as the baby wakes from his eerily sound sleep.
And I need a replacement white noise machine, not life - just to make that clear. Yes, since a certain little peanut slept so soundly on an airplane five long years ago, we decided then and there that our family would all learn to sleep to the sound of the roar of jet engines. It also was a great solution to having babies and larger children together in our tiny house and not having to maintain an hour of silence while one of them slept. Now we are all addicted, especially Bubbles, who will wake instantly if it is turned off (who did it? i will kill them!).
And it died. After five years of faithful service, wherein I lovingly and desperately replaced adaptor after adaptor, then batteries that sent me into a shameful ecological spiral (more batteries).
And yet, now my baby sleeps soundly. Why? Why does he sleep while deprived of all that comforting roar of slumberland? Because I have the radio turned up really loud.
To static.
Oh help me, Santa Cruz.


Lin said...

I know the soothing addictive nature of white noise. I can no longer properly sleep unless a big ole fan is whipping around at turbo speed. My husband? He likes it quiet, eerily quiet. So now I sleep in the room next door to him and we both sleep like babes (except not as cutely).

scribbit said...

My son had colic and nearly drove me crazy until I discovered he would sleep in front of the running dishwasher. We ran it all night long and were forever grateful.

chris said...

We all sleep with fans on year round here for the white noise effect. When we go on vacation and there isn't any white noise my children complain and don't sleep

gwendomama said...

you all have NO idea how relieved i am to hear all THAT! i thought we were a crazy family of noise addicts.
now we're just crazy!
we TRAVEL with it (and a hoard of batteries). when we forget it we weep.
santa cruz did NOT come through, but i went rechargable on the batteries and fixed that temporarily.

sara said...

Did you ever find one? I was going to suggest venturing out of town and hitting up the Target in Watsonville.

nakedjen said...

i do think i know where you can find one. i am addicted. i have been since birth, i think. no joke. i can not sleep without my white noise machine. and if it isn't present, we have to have a fan. i travel with it, i worship it, dave has had to make adjustments. because it is just who i am!

get this one from target:

i can vouch for it. it does the job.