Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween: No going back now!

Tonight was Supergirl's first time trick-or-treating. I actually managed to keep it all hidden from her until last year when she came home from preschool asking, "What is this trickytreat and candy thing?" So, I had to come clean, and I was going to take her last year, but I went into labor instead, thus wrecking the plan.
Supergirl, not yet having any accurate concept of time, asked if we could do it 'next Halloween' and I of course agreed. So, tonight we went with some very special friends (The Big Girls!) to a posh development where the houses are close enough together to score the big booty for those seasoned trick-or-treaters. On the way over, Supergirl was heard saying, "Well, I don't know if I will like trick-or-treating, because I have never done it before."
It was explained simply to her:
You dress up. You go to houses. They give you candy.
"Oh!" she said, "I would like that!"

......And she did!
She kept up with The Big Girls throughout the whole development, tripping along in her way-too-long Lucy Pevensie outfit, me trailing behind with a strollered fluffy sleeping chicken.
On the way home, I gave her my flashlight to examine her booty, and she couldn't believe her eyes !
"Mama! I have thwee short licowishes, and five lollies!! Those are my best kinds!"
Of course, I was only interested in her chocolate, which is apparently only her third best kind!
She had her one treat and fell asleep as soon as we got home - what a dream!

Oooooohhh - I just stuck my head in her candy bag. For all the wholesome snacks and desperately trying to restrict sugar regimes we mothers undertake....does anyone else get off on that nostalgic smell of a halloween bag? That choco-cherry, bubblegummy, processed with peanuts, slightly minty with a hint of plastic smell?
Well, I just smelled it and it was nearly as complex as the pinot I am polishing off with my pilfered kitkat!

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