Monday, October 30, 2006

Your mother was right about this one!

My friend Diane was talking to the substitute teacher when I walked Supergirl into her classroom this morning.
"Umm, Sam's eye is a little strange today. He had a pirate patch over it on Saturday at the carnival - just for about an hour, really - but now it's crossed."
I look at another mom, Jen, and we get wide-eyed, stifle giggles. We are terrible people.
Substitute says, "Oh, yes I can help him with that. I know some exercises. I guess now you know not to put a pirate patch on him."
We look at each other again, this time starting to tremble. Why is this so funny?
Diane replies, "Yes, we called the doctor and Sam should be fine. He just keeps running into things today."
'snort!' -We are terrible, awful, rotten parents. It is not funny that Sam is running into things. Even if Sam is our friend and we know he would appreciate our juvenile sense of humor, this is not funny. Stop laughing! We are evil.
Then Diane (who shares Sam's great sense of humor) turns to us (we who poorly mask our giggles) and says, "I mean, sure our moms warned us about making faces and then our faces freezing like that, but who believed her?"

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahaha, the sweet release of acceptable hilarity!

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Elizabeth said...

*snort* You are so mean, picking on that poor substitute!