Monday, October 16, 2006

Sick Leave

If you are five years old and you are sick enough to stay home from school but still well enough to complain about it, this is what you might get to do at my house:
Eat Ask for tofutti crepes with strawberry sauce - no dairy for that nasty bronchial cough. Take one bite.
Take a warm bath.
Play Don't Break the Ice 6 times (the baby can not eat the pieces).
Make pictures with cool Halloween stickers that your mom bought at Target. Whine about how you hate your pictures.
Watch the latest season of Charlie and Lola.
Eat a marshmallow.
And sparkling apple juice.
Make fresh homemade playdough - color of your choice, and oh how lovely warm playdough feels on a cloudy, grey, stay-home-sick-day.
Beg for sugar and dairy products - receive and consume bag of dried mango.
Watch more DVDs because your mom is putting the baby down and totally just doesn't care anymore how many videos you watch.
Make ghosties with your mama and whine about how it is not fair that your ghost isn't as 'nice'.
Cut snowflakes while your mama catches the scraps before the baby who loves paper eats them.
Not get in trouble for leaving paper scraps where the baby can eat them.
Make chocolate cupcakes with mama.
Lick spoons.
Watch oven.
Eat chocolate cupcake.
Whine for another one.
Demand Ask for Refuse to eat matzoh ball soup.
Beg for a vanilla milkshake.
Scream "I want GRAVY!" until your mama figures out that you really mean dairy.
Watch Mama roll her eyes, bite her lip, sigh a lot.
Take another bath.
Negotiate how many books you can have read to you.
Go to sleep.

(listen, did you hear the sound of mama opening the wine bottle?)


scribbit said...

That's the worst, when they're sick enough to stay home but not sick enough to be out of commission. Not that I want them at death's door, but when they're still mobile it's nothing but nasty--and you may as well hose the rest of the house down in mucus because they'll cough, wipe, and sneeze everywhere. Boy I'm a cheerful one today.:)

candy said...

OK, next time I'm sick, I'm coming to your house. That was a day in paradise.

Lin said...

I thought I heard a martini shaker not a cork! Guess I just assumed you would need something a mite stronger than a glass of the grape!

nakedjen said...

I agree with candy. The next time I'm sick, I'm coming over. You're far better at this than DearSweetHusband.