Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thanks for the propaganda, Scholastic!

How many of you have ordered the complete set of Curious George for only $10.95? Or a great bug encylcopedia complete with stickers and bug cage? All delivered conveniently to your school, sent home in your child's backpack, having magically transformed from the check that was paper-clipped to the newsprint order form which was sent to school in your child's backpack just two weeks before!
Wow! And have you seen the Bookfairs that they put on? Nice! They set up a display that any self-respecting five year old would find a justifiable situation for throwing a fit if you do not buy her the polar bear book that comes with that cute little stuffed polar bear right now.
They have made a bad corporate decision and they must have a consequence. Tomorrow's a new day, Scholastic. You can make better choices then. But today you must have a time out. You are not a bad company, but your behavior has been very very bad.
You should not buy into the GOP 9/11 re-writing history for the sake of perpetual war dogma, and you definitely should not be trying to sell it to my children.
Since I get all emotional about this sort of stuff (WHAT? YOU WANNA FEED PROPAGANDA TO MY FIVE YEAR OLD? IN SCHOOL? LET'S TAKE THIS OUTSIDE. RIGHT NOW - YOU AND ME, I MEAN IT!), I will spare you wading through my outbursts, and just go directly to the most succinct sources yourself.
The Huffington Post
Daily Kos
Think Progress

UPDATE: Yeah, Scholastic! I knew you were educable! You made the right decision! Good Job! I will now give you a cookie!

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