Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Embarrassing Short Story - NOW With Photographic Aids!!

This is Gwendomama's front step. It is a Big Hard Rock.

This is what Gwendomama did when she twisted her way down the Big Rock Step yesterday:

This is where Gwendomama's friend drove her when she found Gwendomama crumpled in a heap of slimy tears:

This is the manolo blahnik super special shoe that the doctor gave Gwendomama:

This is the awesome set of hardware that Gwendomama came home with because the doctor refused her request for a walker with tennis balls and a mesh bag for a TVGuide:

This is Gwendomama:

And here is where Gwendomama will show you her colorful and swollen foot, just as soon as she can -ooooowwwwww- get her sock off as soon as her camera battery charges up again:


Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

Jenijen said...

oh SHIT honey :( I'm so sorry.


nailgirl said...

Oh Hell No!!!!!

gwendomama said...

edited to add words. for those of you who....didn''t get it????

Tracey said...

Oh nooooo!!!!! Hope you aren't in too much pain, anymore. Take those drugs and Be. Careful, GRACE.

Gretchen said...

Poor thing! Hope you're up and around soon!

mamadaisy said...

yikes! that step doesn't look very bouncy. feel better and enjoy what rest you can get.

Cindy said...

Oh no--you fall down and go BOOM! Christalmighty. Will you watch where you're going???

Sorry about that walker. Funny thing is Husband is taking MIL to walker shop this very day. She wants a model with a seat so she can sit down while waiting in line at the post office and bank. Who the hell actually goes to the bank anymore?? Little old grannies pushing walkers with seats evidently. You're not there yet. Stick with the crutches.

Pandora said...

I'm laughing with you not at you. The pics are funny, the event itself is not. I'm sorry you hurt yourself. Take it easy and try to see how many outfits you can match with those stylin' crutches! =P