Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chocolate + Salt = Better than you'd think!

The latest food adventures in my kitchen (before the klutz-o-the-month accident) started here:
I made this dark chocolate macadamia nut bark for a certain someone (sshhhh--don't tell dh) on Valentine's Day:

The chocolate is 72% cacao bittersweet (from the pound plus TJ's super bar), the mac nuts are from Australia; the salted variety, also from TJ's.
And then? Because I like it, a fine sprinkling of sea salt. Of the French variety, because I am so fancy in the kitchen. Yes, salt and chocolate, together. Mmmm. (You doubt this? bah! You like the chocolate pretzels, don't you?) (Have you not tried the salted caramels from TJ's?)

Sooo.... I got to thinking...I couldn't be the only one who had the craving for the dark chocolate + salt combination.
Could I? Am I?

Turns out, no.

I am not.
I found out that there are others who share this fondness for the salt and chocolate combination.
And then I came across a recipe for Brown Sugar Brownies with French Sea Salt.
After I hauled myself up of the floor, tucked my tongue back in, and recovered from the coldcocked foodieblog moment, I took three deep breaths exactly one half a deep breath to compose myself and another to inhale the scent of chocolate, and then immediately went about making sure we had the ingredients to make those brownies.
Right away.

I may have gone a little crazy on the salt, admittedly. But if I did, it's because I got a bit carried away and had somehow convinced myself that it was indeed some special french flaked faerie dust sprinkles! Which are all sprinkly and hard to get the hand to control in a reserved fashion.

But still? Yum. How can anything made of chocolate that is nearly flourless and covered in a shiny happy chocolate ganache with yummy french fairy salt sprinkles not be good?


nailgirl said...

Dude I think I might be the only one of your internet friends who hate the choclate preztels. I also hate the payday candy bars. Salt, chocloate um no. Not feelin the love.

gwendomama said...

fair 'nuff, D. but i IMPLORE you to try the brownies without the salt fairy sprinkles.... ?? maybe???

mamadaisy said...

oooh. i met the choc+salt combo this past christmas. i dipped salty pretzels in ghiradelli dark chocolate and, oh my, they were tasty. i have since decided that i'd like to dip everything in dark chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Ocean's Flavor sea salt - www.oceansflavor.com - the granuels are small and it is very tasty!

The sodium content is 57% less than table salt.


nailgirl said...

Now that I can do :)

Karen said...

Your shiny, fairy-dusted ganache is to die for!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...

Rest that foot, now, hear?


Tricia said...

Wow, that looks like some kind of brick of goodness!

Anonymous said...

Salt & Chocolate? You better head on over to this website then! http://www.atthemeadow.com. They have something like 60 varieties of salt from around the world, and a ton of chocolate as well!

Anonymous said...

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