Friday, February 22, 2008

Brownies and Secrets!!!

Gah! I've been tagged. Right in the middle of the 'Really, I swear my son is not autistic - not that there's anything wrong with that either - and here again is the reason we are doing ABA....' post that I was am still writing...(stay tuned for that one, though!)


And, since Cindy knows that I am, more or less, a sitting duck this week with no more to do than pop motrin, keep it elevated, and read blogs....ahem. Okay then. A Friday meme.
Five things....Since I am normally such a private person (cough cough) and have revealed so very little of myself (cough::heartonsleeve::cough), I will try and cover five things that I may not have mentioned (too much) before.
(turns out, this is very hard for me, because, turns out I have a really big freaking mouth, and if I haven't mentioned it, it's probably because I shouldn't or can't!)

  • ONE: Before I had my babies, from about 1995 to 2001, I spent nearly every weekend plus a few longer trips hiking into remote corners and to the tops of well-known peaks of the Sierra-Nevada. Here I am at Florence Lake in July 2001, about three weeks before Supergirl showed up a month early. I don't even want to think about how far away from civilization we were that weekend. A little side note here...that backpacking actually how, why and when I met Cindy. Sharing a nalgene bottle of lukewarm emergen-C on the way up to (or was it down from?) Dusy Basin. We smelled so pretty that day. Here's a shot of me on my 31st birthday trip - Mt. Whitney. (BTW, emergen-C packet+snow+tequila+salt= the backcountry fizzy margarita.)

Yes, my shirt says 'goddamn sonsabitches' and I am flipping you the camera off. See? I was badass back then, too.

  • TWO: Dh was the long-time partner of my ex-boyfriend's sister. Got that? This diagram should help. Or maybe not.
  • THREE: We still have not done anything with Elijah's ashes. Except this:

See them? Under the groovy African tapestry?

There's a box. Filled with my baby.

  • FOUR: I wouldn't wear a bikini back in my twenties when my bod was probably somewhat righteous. I was waaaay too self-conscious. Of course, after giving birth three times, any shred of modesty I had maintained went out with the bathwater, and now I can be found flaunting my muffin-top and cheesy thighs in no less than a Brazilian demi suit. Because I think I'm so hot? Nope. Because when I wore a bikini while I was pregnant (see#1), I realized what an idiot I had been all those years, and I'm not missing out on that belly tan anymore.

  • FIVE: One year ago, I was pregnant. It didn't work out.

Now I suppose I am expected to tag five more people? I don't think I have that much confidence in my persuasive powers. If I could bribe them all with brownies, maybe....
  1. NakedJen (because I miss her and want her to come back home to California and collect her brownies)
  2. DottyNana (because I never can get enough of what she has to say, and she only doles it out in teeny tiny doses. harumph)
  3. MaryP (as in Poppins, because she is my new most respected internet crush love and I wish she lived near me instead of cold, cold Canada so she could be the awesomest teacher in the world for Bubbles. I think I would get a f/t job just to put him in daycare if she was my neighbor.)
  4. DadaMama (because she is the smart cookie and knows of what she comments)
  5. Jenijen (because I think I can get a visit from her out of this - she'll totally collect on the brownies)
  6. oops - did I just go to SIX? Well, I'm going to take a chance on Grace, cutting her some slack on the obligatory meme-ing, but since I owe her some baked goods, she just might participate to get me to hurrymyassup and make her some damn cupcakes!


nakedjen said...

i will do this. not today, but perhaps tomorrow. five things i haven't talked about. i already know what ONE of them is. gah.

i want brownies and cupcakes! i miss you more than you know.

Lin said...

Yeah, well, I'm all about the damned brownies...and the cupcakes (don't forget the cupcakes) so promise to do it soon. I kinda think I spilled my guts on a similar meme before but sowhatwhocares I'll just say it all again.

xoxoxo how's that foot/ankle doing, kid?

Lin said...

And look absolutely terrific in that modified Brazilian/Hawaiian shot!

gwendomama said...

okay okay!!! you ALL get the brownies!! come on over and get 'em!

lin - you flatter me. my ass just flushed from the attention.

nailgirl said...

Love the bikini shot too!

Cindy said...

I should have known you'd hit this one out of the park. You rock.

I love the relationship diagram. It's so complicated that if I didn't know exactly who you were talking about I'd be totally lost.

And I remember when you posted what you mention in 5. I wanted to ask you what was up but thought people—even you— deserve a little privacy. God, I'm so sorry. Can that count retroactively?

Those pictures: Were we all so young once? Ah, but now we're wiser.


nailgirl said...

Yeah i had a brain fart earlier. So so sorry about number five. Big hugs.Been there, done that.

Rebecca F. said...

"Filled with my baby."

It is painful even to read. I cannot even imagine the sorrow your heart holds. Hugs to you. I don't think I could let go of his ashes either.

Rebecca F.

Redneck Mommy said...

You were so damn beautiful when you were pregnant. Unlike my enormous whale sized ass...

I've got a box filled with baby too...only slightly bigger ...and buried in a cemetary.

My heart hurts for your loss.