Thursday, February 28, 2008

Someone Deserves A Smackdown

I love free stuff!!! LOVE IT!! But because I am a bad blogger who has yet to review (waiting for the reports from some slackers, okay?) some certain fabulous product, I rarely get free stuff!
But yesterday I received an invitation to a fashion show in LA.
And, beginning with the fact that I cannot make it to LA to attend this fashion show, there is just so very much wrong with this. I don't know where to begin?
Let's just have a look at the invitation, shall we?

Hi Gwendomama,
I have limited availability for press at an invitation only baby and toddler fashion show at Social Hollywood followed by a luncheon catered by Citrus on Tuesday, April 8 at 11:30 a.m. PT.
Thirty up-and-coming boutique fashion houses will debut their spring and fall collections on a team of professional models from 18-months to 5 years old, who will be styled and coiffed by Hollywood's best make-up, hair and wardrobe stylists in a Candy land meets urban-hip theme.
Check out the event details here:
Let me know ASAP if you'd like to attend. I'd really love to have you there and I don't want to run out of space if you're interested in attending.

[name edited out because I am nice that way)

Schwartzman & Associates

Wow. Can you imagine what I am going to miss here? I can.
I know, it is hard for me to resist the urge to make plans to go when that link takes me to a world of temptation:

• Toddler models ages 3 to 5 strutting the catwalk in never before seen fall and spring fashions
• Infants wheeled in baby carriages with iPod integration and under carriage lighting

OMG! I am going to miss THAT? I doubt I'll ever recover from the obvious defecit in my life. A gaping hole is sure to be mine after this.
I mean they had me hooked at the mere prospect of being able to witness the parading of a "team of professional models from 18-months to 5 years old, who will be styled and coiffed by Hollywood's best make-up, hair and wardrobe stylists"...but then they brought tears to my eyes when I was informed of the always classy for toddlers "Candy land meets urban-hip theme".

Tears, people.


nailgirl said...

So they want you to leave your kids and the Mr to drink wine and watch other kids parade around? Why not stay home, drink wine and have your precious kids give you a fabulous fashion show instead? Oh and your hubby can dress up as the waiter hahahah. Sounds like a better idea. Why would they think that you would be interested? You are so earthy.

mamadaisy said...

i can't tell you how happy i am that i no longer live in the hell hole that is south florida. it seems very similar to LA, with a hearty dose of new york and a smattering of alabama. blech!

Izzy said...

I got one of those emails, too, and I think if I had actually attended, my head might have exploded all over those well-coiffed children and really, it would have ruined the whole show.

Lin said...

ACK, but in defense of Southern California, I swear on my husband's head that I don't know any people like that and neither does my daughter (who lives in W. Hollywood). Who ARE these people? Revolting stuff.

jenijen said...

heh. i got that one too!


Shannon and Carey said...

New mama on here :) Love your blog.
Mom in Austin,