Thursday, August 24, 2006

another letting go

This is a picture of Supergirl being touched by a butterfly at the fabulous zoo in Seattle, where she did not get eaten by a bear, but that is another story. Right now it's this one:

So tomorrow is The Kindergarten Orientation. It's a lot like preschool graduation, in that, nobody really cares about it but for the parents of the kinder involved. But OH! We care, we genuinely do. We are fortunate enough to be part of a tiny unified elementary school in our own little mountain district, which we are stark raving crazy lucky to live a 1/4 mile level walk away. And Supergirl is on her way to public education on Monday. Yesterday, about half of the incoming kindergarten families met at a nearby beach for the first welcome gathering.
So, tomorrow we have a little lunch, lovingly prepared by the parents' club in welcome of the incoming students and their families. And then we find out the teacher and room to which our child is assigned, and we go spend a little time hanging out in there, much like we did in our visit last spring. I have met both teachers, and either one seems like a great teacher with a great environment going for her as well. We are all very excited here, albeit a bit nervous as well.
I expect I may get a bit weepy at the sight of leaving her there on Monday, but right now I am more nervous about getting Supergirl up and out the door and walking her the five minutes down the dusty street, navigating her around the poison oak, and into her classroom by 8:30AM! OY! This is not going to be easy, since the collective rousing seems to be around 8:25 lately.
Don't get me wrong, she has been doing her part for sure - pretending to be all down with kindergarten, no problem man, it's cool, and then she turns on us and the nastiest sounds pour forth from her little mouth. Followed by sharp reprimands and time outs on hard stools. Followed by cuddles in lap and melting and the not-so-random casual posing of, "I'll be fine once I get used to kindergarten, right Mama?" which melted her mama right into herself.
Oh please let this be painless.


Auntie Dee-Dee said...

Oh I'm weeping now!

Elizabeth said...

Except for the backpack in the foreground, that totally looks like a profesionally posed photo. Beautiful.

I'm sorry to hear Supergirl is having a rough transition. Kindergarten is such a huge change, I think especially for kids who are used to being home with Mom all day. Big hugs for your brave girl!