Thursday, August 17, 2006

Did I mention about the crawling?

Hard to believe he would earn a nickname like 'the mangler', isn't it?


bella said...

Beautiful boy! (Mangler? How can that possibly be!? --OK, I understand, but he sure does have the disguise of cute, cuddly baby down, doesn't he?)


Elizabeth said...

Yay for crawling! We have crawling here too, and pulling up to standing and then realizing she can't get back down and so then some whining.

Also clapping, and possibly a wave. *Sniff* Why do they have to grow up? Wah!

gwendomama said...

Oh Yay! sitting up came about a week before crawling (wobbly boy's butt too small), then the day he figured out crawling he also learned himself how to pull up to stand - then he raises his hands, shouts something like 'Yaaaayyyyyy' and upon doing that, falls down - sometimes soft, sometimes hard.
i wish your little girl many soft landings!

gwendomama said...

and wait a minute...yours is clapping? mine is waving but not clapping...oh no! what is wrong with my baby??
(just kidding - you knew that, right?)

and here's what i tell everyone who says why do they have to grow up?
because the alternative sucks.

mamadaisy said...

fantastic! hooray for mobility! mine just says "mama!" until i come and scoop him up and kiss him.

Lin said...

He is lucky he is SOa incredibly cute because your average run of the mill mangling baby would be on Enfamil right away!