Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Someone should really do that

My friend and I were talking this morning about random kid things, and as usual, the conversation somehow steered itself towards sex. Oh I remember now. We were talking about how tired we feel after the kids go to bed and when on earth there is ever time to have it. And is anybody we know getting any.
Her Brilliant Scheme:
"There should be a babysitter up here that works on Saturdays and Sundays in two-hour increments. She could work only weekends, charge a nice price and just do the circuit. Someone should really do that."
"Yeah, but she would really need to advertise that was what she was up to, you know? Some people I don't know might be afraid to admit they have sex. She would have to make a big stink about coming in the house only to stock up on snacks, then leaving and not coming back with the kids for two whole hours and all that," was my wise reply.
We are always thinking up great ideas for someone else to help make our lives better, easier. Make no mistake, we will pay them. But we want them to deliver the goods. Maybe we need to put an ad in our local tattle and services rag.
I only know one friend who outright tells her sitter that she and her husband are going to have sex and so could she (the sitter, or, childcare provider if you need for this to be PC as I once was when I once was one) 'please keep Bushki busy for the duration and without interruption if you don't mind' (what sitter would after that?). She doesn't say 'napping' or' gettin busy' or 'umm, taking some personal time' or 'relationship building' or even discreetly suggest they go elsewhere. She just makes it perfectly clear.
She never, ever gets interrupted.
By the sitter (provider) or Bushki.
So I say kudos to the attentive entrepreneur in our community who figures out this little goldmine. But here's a tip: Give your business cards out to the daddies. Market to the daddies. I promise you, they will hire you and word will travel ohsofast. And believe me, they will call. Because my friend-who-shall-remain-nameless (who thought up this great idea) AND I agree, that if we (as in, the mamas) were the ones to call for a sitter who billed herself as a 2 hour emergency sort of respite step-in caregiver, it would probably be to take our kids to urgent care, OR perhaps to replenish the withering pantry with fresh eggs and wine from TJ's say, because the kid was sick with chicken pox or monkey pox or coxsackie and we couldn't take her with us. I mean, if I'm going to pay someone to do it, it's going to be a real emergency. I'm just sayin.
But if Dh was the one to arrange it all, if he actually went to the trouble to call, arrange, hire and pay...well, I would be so touched that he would probably need far less than two hours to get what he was after.

Oh yeah!
What's not fair today:
Seattle is too far away and I miss Frankie.
Also, I wanted more candy on the plane and I ate the whole candy necklace while we were waiting by the gate, and mama wouldn't give me more.


Auntie Dee-Dee said...

Mary Poppins to the rescue!!! If only I lived closer!!!

Mary Tsao said...

Hey, that 2-hour sitter is a great idea! But I want to make sure she comes and takes the kids to the park. I can't do the hanky panky if the kids AND the sitter are all in the other room watching Dora.