Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weaning! Just around the corner?

Ohferchrissakes! I have been trying to write (blog) about my tell-all BlogHer experiences, but the little dragon that has posessed my baby has another agenda. Tell THAT to Alaska Air, who hath issued my tickets to Seattle- where I am trying to go on a trip with just the babes to visit lovely old college debauchery mate for TEN whole freaking days. (whoo-hooo!)
And tell THAT to the family van, which betrayed me by stranding me 30 miles from home in a Tarjay parking lot (yes, this is the distance I suffer to shop smart) for hours with said babes (of the young vs. hot variety) until I was rescued by kind friends who kept and fed me until Dh got the message (FOUR HOURS LATER).
And tell that to the fresh open tooth wound under my left nipple (right to you, left to me) caused by afore-mentioned teething dragon. OW!

As you can plainly see, I am in no mood for gossiping, waxing OR waning.
All I have to say is OW. Fucking OW.
Okay, and penis. Since I promised.


Gwen said...

When my son Aidan was 9 months old he bit me so hard it bled. OW! WE were both mostly asleep and when he bit I made the mistake of pulling him off. Of course this was around the christmas holidays while we were in NS visiting our families. It took a while before it was comfortable to nurse again. :) Here it is August and we are still nursing.

I hope you heal quickly. (Maybe some nipple shields?)

P.S. I am glad you had a good time at blogher!

Jess said...

Two words (or three): you're hilarious!!! Thanks for the giggles and the details, I've got a great image now! BTW: I've stuck the lovely photos of my new little boyfriend on my blog. He's adorable. I'm just waiting for you to post some on your blog...

Karianna said...

Oh, ow! How could that adorable baby do harm? Oh yes, the dragon. Yeuch!