Monday, August 07, 2006

What's the nap worth to you?

So when I was trying to pack for the trip, I found myself rifling through piles of laundry to pack for three people only 4 hours before needing to leave for the airport. Supergirl had finally been sent off on a desperation playdate and I had already spent 90 minutes trying to put Bubbles/the dragon down for a nap, unsuccessfully.
Dh came in to run a bit of interference and managed to get the little squaller (squalor?) asleep. He swaggered down the steps pretty damn proud of himself and proceeded to ogle 'the girls'. I thought that was pretty funny, since I had to leave FOR THE AIRPORT and still pack.
He made what I am sure he thought was a tempting offer, come on babe - 15 minutes and then I'll watch the kids later so you can pack.
A note to any man who (very unlikely) may be reading this: '15 minutes' is not a romantic or even appealing come on. You can thank me later.
Well, needless to say I managed to cough up a refusal and I did get packed just in the nick of time, and yes, I did have to live with my decision.
So, while I have been here in Seattle, dearsweetJulia has been over the top in her parenting expertise and has even managed to get the little Bubbles to sleep for a nap. I am typing this quickly, because any minute Julia will come down the stairs, nod that he is indeed asleep, and demand her share of sexual favors. Sigh.

What's not fair today: FrankieDoodle fell asleep before dinner and I wanted to sit next to him at dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Sounds like you are having a great time!