Friday, August 18, 2006

How did the SNAKES get ON A PLANE?

Okay, I am going to run off course here, a huge divergence from my usual mundane commentary as an ever boring mommyblogger, and take a leap into commenting about a film. This is not cinema commentary or movie review, just a bothersome observation that has been brought to my attention by he who shares in my compelling need for accuracy, Dh.

I couldn't watch the trailer because formerlyPacbellthenSbcnowAtt sucks donkeydick and I am not sure why we pay monthly for DSL, but I am going to comment on what appears to be a major flaw in the plot. Sure, who cares? It's a movie about mofo snakes on a mofo plane, beyond that morsel, what more would you need to know or care? Well I care. I am a virgo, doomed to forever feel compelled to point out the details. The Details. I will refer to this review as my summary of details. I especially liked that the first paragraph made me laugh so much, as I flew 3 days ago and before I could get through security, I had to dispose of: hand cleaner, H2O for nursingmama, cocoa butter lotion, baby motrin for teethingbaby, and a small bottle of bailey's for teethingbaby's nursingmama.
So, back to the snakes. They're smuggled onto the Hawaii-to-L.A. flight.
That's all I really needed to hear. Does anyone else get this?
There are no snakes in Hawaii.
Oh - apparently there is one type of land snake - but it looks like a worm.
Has any of these people ever even been to Hawaii or paid any attention to Hawaii or read a book about Hawaii to know this?

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