Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First day of school: Painless!

We made it on time. From the looks of the parking lot and surrounding quiet street-turned parking lot, I am more than glad that we are able to walk. The classrooms are amazing; I have an issue with pre-schools and kindergartens that are too academically focused. Children learn great skills for learning later in life if they are allowed to learn through play during those first years of school. So of course I am as thrilled at Supergirl and her friends who squeal when they see there is a basket in the 'house' area that is CHOCK FULL of high heels, and on the other side of the kitchen there is a giant block land - blocks of every shape and size, all of the nice wooden chunky variety. And what better to complement block land but a stellar collection of colorful animals? Moving on down to the math manipulatives center, the giant U-shaped window seat covered with pillows and reserved for reading and quiet activities, the thick array of books, the tables for seatwork, and the piece de resistance, the virtual kid magnet, The Office. The Office is actually an L-shaped table area, supplied with letter sorters, paper of every variety, envelopes, cards, pens and pencils, tape, scissors, etc one large mailbox, and little tiny mailboxes labeled with every child's name in the kindergarten. And I haven't even mentioned the outdoor play area that is surrounded by redwood fairy circles. Have I?
I am still slightly disturbed about the crying thing. I didn't. It all happened so fast - I went to say goodbye and she had already blown me a kiss and was out the door to the playground. I went down to the library to join the other mommies for the welcome-back-to-school coffee and overheard two of what I would consider my 'tougher' friends sniffling and recalling their own emotional goodbyes. Surprised by their unexpected display of tears, I felt like such a crappy mama for not crying that then I shed a few myself. Ah, that was better.
There are twenty little ones in her class, which is connected to the K-1 class, which has another eight kindergartners and twelve first graders. Actually, I should not call them little ones, as it seems there are some budding runway models in her class- more than a handful of these extremely tall five year olds, all of whom have a fondness for Mrs. K's old shoe collection. The green velvet pair are in high demand, I can tell you that. And apparently, they learn through blocks, books, microscopes, math centers and coveted high heels - and I am fine with that.
For now.
I would like to point out though, that after selecting her white (!) beaded (!) dress to wear on her first day, she also insisted on those sensible, black docmarten-type high tops.

By the way, the rose that Supergirl is holding was given to her at breakfast. She decided to share the love and pass it along to her teacher. What a wise little girl!


Lin said...

Just catching up with your bloggityblog (from England) and for the record, your daughter is just exquisite! I particularly love that butterfly shot. So very sweet. Okay, paying for this by the second. Ciao chica xoxoxox

Auntie Dee-Dee said...

I just cried!

Auntie Dee-Dee said...

Ok...now that that's over with...what a GREAT little school! How much fun is supergirl going to have? Lots & lots I think! How lucky you guys are and how special for her! xo xo

Auntie Dee-Dee said...

The unselfish giving of the tall rose...the beaded dress...the high tops! She's got it goin' on! That's our Be! Priceless!

Jill Asher said...

We wanted to let you know that we linked to this post has been selected for the Manic Monday Mashup at Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Here is the link.


Congrats and great post about back to school!