Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Mamas Rockband Challenge

Okay, if you go to a rather shady shabby looking thrift store to look for some very unlikely child sized ski pants, just because it is the only thrift store near your job (which is not near your home), and you just happen to be there with your kickass friend and you both just happen to see some guys unloading their truck a brand new ROCKBAND SE set come in.............

And they offer it to you for....oh..let's say a really amazing deal....and you and your friend are truly rather trusting and immediately think 'WOW! What a great deal!'...and it is, after all...a freaking not think any further or hurt your little brain doing so.

Dude.... get it.

Because, when you take that baby home and plug it all in, you could lose yourself in an oblivion of sheer devotion+insanity+dormant rocker gene just really enjoy an hour more than you thought was possible.

You have not lived until you have heard your 7 yr old sing the Blue Oyster Cut lyrics to 'Don't Fear the Reaper'.

'.............Romeo and Juliet, are together in eternity...'

If we could just get that damn practice mode to work so it wouldn't keep calling us FAILures.

That rocker bitch friend is totally the next target for mama's night out*. I think we will need the second guitar, or there may be some scrabbling, eh?

*(you know who you are)


furiousBall said...

i fully expect to see a shot of you throwing the devil horns on this blog stat

Jenine said...

lol Yeah we're Rock Band converts too. Our 6 year old likes singing Mr. Brightsides, Closer to the Heart, and Red Barchetta. Go figure. I'll see if I can go through the menu and find out where the no fail option is for you. It's tricky to find.

Denise said...

Too fuckin funny! Hey i tagged you girlfriend for a meme. Its on my new blog lipstick diva.

Mama Deb said...

HA! Glad to know you made it home okay :)
I returned the drums today and they said, 'We'll give you cash instead of refunding your credit card, okay?'
Uh...okay. Why? (Don't worry, I didn't really ask this time. After the 'where did you get this' response I knew better)

I would like to also note that I have created a drummer character with kickass hair, and last night, BY MYSELF, I completed three songs on drums. Because I rock like that. Some of the music gals are on their way over today for some RB challenge. Wish you could join us!

fairymama said...

I am a Rock Band freak. I got my 58 year old MIL playing and she made my FIL buy it for her for Christmas. Now the whole family rocks out while my FIL puts on his noise-canceling headphones to ignore the "noise". Except when we play Kansas or Survivor, ha!

Jenine said...

Ok, it depends on whether the game you have is Rock Band or Rock Band 2.

Rock Band doesn't have a no fail mode. That came out in Rock Band 2. I've been told though that you may be able to play in practice mode though to give you somewhat of a no fail option. However, practice mode (I think) may limit the amount of songs you get.

If you have Rock Band 2, then from the main menu to go Extras and then Modify Game.

Hope this helps and you continue to have loads of fun!