Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Come on, Everyone's doing it!

Thank you brave ones for taking the challenge with me and showing your truthi-morning selves.


Still waiting to hear from my dear dear friends:
Denise (who thinks I smoke the crack pipe before I ask such things)

AND A BIG GIANT SPECIAL THANK YOU for Julia, The Boss of Seattle, for telling me that she 'had seen me look a lot worse!'. Please send me a picture of YOU so I can post it here, you cowardly blogless one.

Howabout You, Ms.Supafine? or YOU, Laura? Amy; We've seen your lovely ho-panties under yo pregnant belly (more belly!!), but we haven't seen your morning mug....

You know you want to do it, don't you?

Add your link in the comments.

LOOKY WHO is not afraid:
Denise (my other new very good best friend, who claims to have caved to the peer pressure but has better hotoe-nails than any other morning face I have seen yet)
DadaMama (who totally uses her baby in an advantage of cuteness. unfair? you decide!)


Hey You said...

I will link one asap! I just wanted to tell you that I followed you here from a link in Amy's Advice Smackdown. In the past two days I have read EVERYTHING! Even though we may not have much in common (Religious beliefs, politics, love of baking etc...) your blog has really, really, touched me. Thank you for inspiring me to pull my shit together and be a better mom. Can I add you to my blogroll?

gwendomama said...

Dear hey you

Please send me your url link! YOU are one of my favorite people in the world, i promise you that.
because, not only have you flattered me by reading 'everything' because that in itself is AMAZING if you can actually slog through EVERYTHING i have written. kudos and love t you for that.
but HERE IS THE REAL REASON i LOVE and (dare i say) BOW DOWN at your commenting word...because you did continue to read, and you did continue to disagree, and you did continue to not agree with my POV or beliefs, but you did continue to READ!
i have NO idea how i have inspired you to be a better mom, but I am glad if i have fooled you into following me.
(ha. ha. heheh)
i love, you love, we all love the diversity.
i scream, you scream, we all scream for e-love.

erm, blogroll adding? lovely, i think?
but where would that blogroll be?

Boss of Seattle said...

Ahem, the reason I DO NOT blog is so that I will not have to snap at your pithy bait! Post a pic of my self a la manana? HA! That is between me and my terrified children...
The Boss

Denise said...

Will ya quit peer pressuring me? I have my pictures! They will be posted shortly. Me sticking my tongue out at you! Oh and for the record my dear friend..... When I first discovered you through Jess at drowning in kids.... I too read every thing that you wrote just like the stalker that I am!!!

Oh and I have been quite busy playing practical jokes on 12 year boys and the neighbors that i barely had time for a self portrait. Manical laughter ensuing.

DadaMama said...

I did it! You can see it here: http://dadamama.typepad.com/dadamama/2008/03/is-that-your-he.html . I'm going to be lazy and not code that. I will use the baby currently hanging off my left breast as my excuse.

mrsmogul said...

I feel pressure but I will see about others!!

gwendomama said...

(insert very pathetic white dance)

supa said...

the internet has seen enough of my face by now!

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