Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Cute Food Distraction Therapy Technique

When life comes at you like an angry, drunk weasel, what do you do?
Okay, maybe it isn't angry or drunk or even a weasel, but maybe it's more like your life is just rolling around in front of you, tripping you and generally being a big bother who won't cooperate, what do you do?
Do you also distract yourself by making cute lunchbox food that your children also won't eat? Because, while Supergirl has gotten much better in the feeding department (ie: she eats now), her brother still prefers food in liquid form - any kind of boob milk seems to be fine with him: mama, cow, goat, etc.
I tried today though, I really did. It was Bubbles' second day of preschool and I thought maybe I could trick him into eating food by making it look enticing and fun (like his sister was tricked).
I even used one of my new friend (oh yes she is! At Blogher she stole my lighter!) Biggie's yummy looking recipes for using leftover rice: Yaki Onigiri, or grilled rice balls.
I thought maybe he would try something formerly rejected (rice) if it was covered in salty goodness and crisped up a bit.
I thought wrong. I did, however, hear from the preschool director that she was impressed and showed the rest of the teachers and children the lunch (that he did not eat). Hopefully they won't be peering into his lunchbox expecting the ironically happy results of the manifestation of my own distraction every single day.

Top layer: fruit leather strips, pretzel thins, and bacon.
Bottom layer: Yaki Onigiri, PB moon sandwich with cheese stars.
(excuse the low light...I did this at midnight)

Supergirl's lunch: Snappea crisps, pistachios, cheese stars, PB&J butterfly sandwich, white nectarine, pomegranate seeds, yaki onigiri and little tiny pig sauce bottle of tamari sauce. Oh-and Brazilian Pudding flavored Pocky in the fork container!

(Note the multi-culti puddle into which I have stepped by using both Japanese and Guatemalan accessories)


Headless Mom said...

Oh how I wish this would work with Boy 1. He won't eat anything. I will save this, though and see if he sees anything that he might can hope, right?

Sharon said...

I am delurking (I think) to point out that at the very very top of Bubbles' bento box (small letters under the words Clickity Click). Hilarious! Gotta love those random Japanese translations into English.

Sharon said...

did that not come through? oh, maybe it wasn't ok b/c of people doing random google searches. darn. ok, well, check it out - its so funny.

Shannon and Carey said...

Just thinking about how much time and creativity you put into these lunches is awesome. I wonder if the other kids are eyeballin' these goodies? You are wondermom! I want to know what the little bear-like food it the yaki? I have a vast collection of cookie cutters. Time to break 'em out.
PS: Kara's letter..........what a gift!!!!!
-Shannon in Austin

Linda said...

Please make my lunch. I promise I will eat it, after I stare at it for like 70 bazillion hours.
Geeze. Or cheeze.

vee said...

jeez, my rents never even packed my lunch. i wish i had had a mom who put pomegranate seeds and cut-out sandwiches in mine!

you win the awesome mom award.