Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Link Love

I guess I would wonder what help this father was offered for his nine children after his wife died, but before he legally abandoned them at a Nebraska hospital.
Seems that a 'Safe Haven' (otherwise known as: leave your unwanted baby safely in a hospital) Nebraska legislation has had some unexpected results.
I am guessing there are some strong opinions about this?

Does anybody else remember Space Food Sticks (energy bars before we knew what those were)?
Did you know they are back?

I am sorry I missed this one earlier. I, personally, am afraid of clowns and would prefer not to dress like one or hang out with one, drunk or not, but I know plenty of people who might have been great at this gig.

Am I the last mama to hear about Pocoyo? Oh, the cuteness! We don't have Teh Cable here at Chateau Gwendo, and I stumbled upon it today via youtube.
My advice to you? Obtener un poco pocoyo ahora. Prontamente.

Having a very hard time not saying her damn name, but since SaraB has only given me one little burst of light last week (albeit, a damn funny one), thank goodness for Tina Fey stepping up to the plate to do her job.
The truth? The truth is was that it was the easiest writers' mockdown in the history of ever. All they had to do was use a portion of the actual transcript.

OH YES....and speaking of Sarahs....have you seen The Great Schlep?


Ben and Bennie said...

Another similarity. I frigging HATE clowns. Hate 'em I tell ya.

furiousBall said...

i loves me some sarah.

and i am all over a pocoyo for my short people this spring/summer