Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Everybody Jump on the Bento Bandwagon

Ummm...okay I guess I'm know....staying busy.....

Most of you want to know where to buy the cute little Bento supplies. A year ago, you were screwed unless you lived in the Bay Area, Seattle, or Japan. But now, thanks to my favorite store's new online shop, you too can order egg molds, pig shaped sauce cups, and quippy little lunch boxes. Try Ichiban Kan. You will not regret it. Suzy in San Mateo should probably kick down some Pocky to me for that plug, but know that I share this information with you from the goodness of my heart, not out of blogging for Pocky.
The goodness of my heart, and the greenness of my heart as well. Bento eliminates the need for disposable plastic bags, etc. That alone is enough reason to go with Bento lunches.

As Geener pointed out in the comments section, no wonder Supergirl rejects the red lunches. We do, after all, live in a Blue State. But there are not enough naturally occurring blue foods, so work with me here.

Seaweed rice cake, 1/2 sour pickle, granola bar, pocky, baby star noodle snack, dried snappeas, cottage cheese, salami and crackers.

TJ's cheesey puffs, caramel cookie, pear, PB&J, Judy's breadstick and brie cheese rounds, raspberries.

Shown with Supergirl's awesome new lunch basket from here. You know you want one....for $16? such a deal!


Shannon and Carey said...

You pack the most gorgeous lunches.
-Shannon in Austin

Gretchen said...

Excellent. I've been looking for small to medium sized containers for the kids to take snack in.

Good for you on the awesome packing job - I just write the check as the kids want to eat school lunch.

They do however pack a snack each day for school, and I've been struggling to find an appropriate sized container.

Thanks for the shopping heads up!

Anonymous said...

The way you use it, it's nothing more than tupperware. As an Asian, bento is more typically used to hold typical japanese meals (sushi, ramen dishes, nori,etc.)

gwendomama said...

Hey Anon

The way I use it, it's nothing more than CUTE effing tupperware, and don't you forget it!
You don't have a lock on bento supplies, being ASIAN and all.
And HOW COOL IS IT that bento boxes encourage LESS WASTE?
simmer down.

gwendomama said...

I do want to point out that the lunch basket is from Guatemala. IF you do not plan on packing traditional Guatemalan food in those baskets, and you have a problem with that, please consider this multi-culti possibility.

Glenna said...

Great lunches! I use my "bento-ware" all the time and rarely does it have rice in it. Because why? Because I'm a politically correct diversity maven. I'm so diverse I don't mind putting mac & cheese in my bento--and neither should you, Anonymous. But thanks for playing the game.

Again, GREAT lunches. Pass the bacon.

Anonymous said...

Does Supergirl really eat that much for
lunch at school? Just wondering... my
kids seem to only eat about 1/2 that
amount during the day... then come home
ravenous at 3pm, of course :-).

I'm doing rather poorly on the lunch front
myself since school started... between my
first grader having a full day for the first time,
him not being very good at remembering
where he put things, me forgetting to remind
him that he's buying lunch one day, and
me thinking that today was going to be
minimum day and then it wasn't, we've had
lunch miscommunications 3 days of the 5
days he's had school so far.
Anyway, you are inspiring me to do a better
job with packing lunches. -Anita R.

gwendomama said...

Hi Anita!

Supergirl does eat most of the lunch - they have a snack time and a lunch time, so she has 2 chances to eat it. when she gets home, our policy is that the first snack she eats (if she is hungry) has to be any remaining lunch. i am mean that way.
we don't have they buy-at-school option, so I am in for the long haul. One thing I have found is that when I actually take the time to use the cute cutters and make 'adorable lunch', she eats more of it. Which sucks for me. But I started it.

Tracey said...

Dude, that is a HUGE lunch. We have snack time, too, but I can't imagine my boys focusing on food long enough to eat that much! More power to her!!

gwendomama said...

ummm...each one of those is a separate lunch, you know that, right?

Lunasea said...

Wait, you mean each picture is a separate lunch, right? Not each container? So that's two lunches, yes? Dude. That's still two big ol' lunches. Now you've got me worried that I'm starving my kids.

No shit, Anon. Welcome to the blog world. Let me introduce you to creative writing. Next thing you'll be telling us that red and blue states aren't REALLY red and blue.

gwendomama said...

yes, 2 lunches. one in each picture is what i pledge.

these comments are making me feel better. supergirl is such a peanut and only recently started eating any noticeable quantity of food at all - so I guess she isn't as horrible an eater as I thought.
don't get me wrong; rarely do all of those little boxes come home empty.

mamadaisy said...

i throw away more good food from packed lunches... that is enough to feed both my kids for three days.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of finishing or not finishing lunches... My parents like to tell the story about how I would always bring my (unfinished) lunches home, while my younger brother would just throw his away at school. He was sneaky like that, and I was a goody-two-shoes.