Monday, September 22, 2008

Want to feel better for just FIVE DOLLARS?

I have been more quiet than usual; I think I was also affected by a case of Palinitis, and I am hoping it is not chronic.

This little light of mine, Sara Benincasa, has kept me from drowning myself in our overflowing septic tank and calling it a day.

Many people are discovering the joy that is a seven minute dose of Sara B via the Sarah Palin Vlog, and Cindy is no exception.

But because she did not have a birthday which forced her to drink sangria all weekend is quick to act and even faster to think, jumped on the "How DO we combat Palinitis?" bandwagon and suggests a clever and diabolical plan:

Donate money to Planned Parenthood ($5 minimum) in Sarah Palin's name.
She will get a card for every donation made in her name.

You will need to provide a mailing address so they can send her a thank you card:
Cindy suggests using the 'McCain campaign headquarters' (you know, when I typed that phrase just now, Voldemort just reached out of his slime and smacked me with mucous) which is:

McCain for President
Attn: Sarah Palin
1235 S. Clark Street
1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22202

You can also find the addresses for governor of Alaska here.

SaraB thinks it's a great idea too!

So does HuffPo!

You in?

Come on...isn't it worth FIVE DOLLARS to feel smug?

UPDATE: 9/23- I just spoke with Beth at Planned Parenthood Development office, and she said that for any amount $5 or over which is placed 'in honor of', the 'honoree' will receive a card.
Go on and 'honor' her.


RoseRedHoofbeats said...

I love this idea so, so much. I can't wait for this to hit the mainstream media, or at least The Daily Show.

capello said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, although -- are you sure she gets a card for five? in kansas and missouri you have to give $25 to a nonprofit to get a letter (but PP may have their own rules).

MaryP said...

Too funny! Diabolical! Perfect!

Though, really, it's poor Pollen or Trunk or Twitchgrass (or whatever the poor pregnant kid's name is) who needs the information her mother wouldn't provide...

I guess it's too late now -- but that's okay! Because she's getting MARRIED!! And everyone knows it's so much easier to be a pregnant teenager when you have the rock-solid support of your teenage husband...


wrongshoes said...

OMG that is HILARIOUS! I'm going to have to link to your blog for this one.

gwendomama said...

laura dear - great point about the donation but when you put in the $5 amount, the 'in honor of' option remains, so I am going to guess that they still get the card. I tried to call today and was transferred to our local PP so I will get in touch with HQ and confirm that tomorrow!

Lunasea said...

I can feel smug for free, actually, but this IS a great idea.

I'm also going to put my BIL on the list.

califmom said...

Best. Idea. EVAH!

Sandy said...

I just donated and am sending out e-mail to everyone I know to do this! Palin makes me want to vomit.

mamadaisy said...

OH MY HOLY GOD, THAT IS THE BEST IDEA EVER. now i can die happy.

let us know how much to send -- it's not like PP doesn't need the money anyway. woohoo!

Ellie said...

This is great, and it's making the rounds lately -- *SO* hapy about that. I just can't believe anyone is taking this shoice seriously.

Check out sj's blog. Great clip from the Bill Maher show:

Cindy said...

You are obviously so much smarter than I am: I have been spelling Sara B.'s name incorrectly! With an h on the end like that Bad Lady! I'm just horrified.

Gretchen said...

Feeling very smug now, thank you!

MixinMike said...

STOP! Stop, stop, stop! Stop talking about Palin. All this talk is HELPING McCain.

He's riding her coat tails and loving the chat the Dems are brewing.

Stop with PP, stop with guns, FOCUS on the big issues so the light can again shine in the direction of the guy who knows how to discuss them..OBAMA!

gwendomama said...


I see your point, but this was not an impulsive decision.

Obama needs to do a little focusing himself. he can't leave his entire campaign up to riding on the coattails of our hatred for sarah palin.

Christy said...

What waste PP's postage budge on such an immature prank!

gwendomama said...

Dear Christy:

First this:
"Profile Not Available

The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.

If you're a Blogger user, we encourage you to enable access to your Profile."

and now this:

if it makes you feel any better, I sent FIVE separate donations so SP would get FIVE cards! but then i felt so bad about the postage that i sent them ANOTHER five dollars.

MixinMike said...

I think we need to focus on other ways of ridding ourselves from Palin. Abortion always comes up and then poof...gone when they are elected. There is enough meat to pick with the economy, the war, I mean the invasion. Forget abortion. Don't waste your energy on that. You're creative, think of something else.

There's a blog or site called Momocrats. check it out. Also, what's your view with Biden? There's talk he's going to be asked to leave.

gwendomama said...

i do love momocrats. twas big of them to update the budget rumors.

i ABSOLUTELY agree with you about the abortion issue though - it is just a platform of which the republicans would be reticent to rid themselves - the PP donations are not just about abortion.

biden was *not* the best pick, but i am not going to take up my blog space lobbying against my candidate.
may people think that hillary would have been the prudent choice for obama.

Anonymous said...

It just may be that she said no if and when he asked her.

Anonymous said...

Sept 30 -- Wear blue for Obama! Pass it along...

Cindy said...

Hey mixinmike! Good to see you back! I miss you over at Figs.

I'll stew forever about the Hillary thing, but but I think the rumors Obama's going to dump Biden are planted by Republicans. Evil shits.

Anonymous said...

Don't be upset. Not everyone can be hot like Sarah Palin.

nikki said...

I've never met you, nor have I ever read you before (thanks Min at Good Mom/Bad mom), but I think I love you.