Thursday, September 25, 2008

Haunting Fire Photos

After the fire on our mountain, my friend Nicole took her children and some neighbors to the burned site near my house.

She took these hauntingly beautiful pictures.

Nicole is a great photographer with a wicked hilarious sense of humor.
After the birth of one of her (preemie) children, she sent out thank you notes to those of us who had brought her a post-partum meal. The card was a picture of her baby in that curled up with butt in the air position the way newborn babies do. Her baby was curled up on a platter surrounded with fruit and featured on a beautifully set table, and the caption underneath read:
"Good enough to eat!"

Upon opening the card, it read,
"Thank goodness we didn't have to! Thanks for the delicious meal."

Which cracked me right up. Dh, on the other hand, couldn't stomach the picture and thought it was horrible. Which cracked me up even more. Upon checking with a few friends, the women all thought it hilarious, and the men all found it horrifying.
Now that I have shared that story, I will have to ask her for a copy of that picture if I can't find mine.

If you need a photographer, she's a winner.


Lunasea said...

My BILs and G also think those Annie whatever photos with the little babies in flowerpots, etc., look like child abuse. Guys. I don't think they get why baby feet are so edible, either.

Ellie said...

The baby in white and the stark b&w -- looks like something right out of the 1800s. Very cool.

furiousBall said...

love the pictures and yeah, i dig this chica's sense of humor in her head

Ben and Bennie said...

Oh. My. God. Absolutely incredible photos! I'm bowing in reverence!

And I totally think the card was hilarious. Bu now I'm pondering my sexuality....