Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I Voted for the Big Cage

Election Day Highlights:
  • Our polling place was at my daughter's school; the only community center up here on this mountain. They had a special table set up for children to vote. My friend's four year old went over to the table to cast his ballot. He noticed a twelve year old girl checking off the box under John McCain, and leaned over to help her out, "You voted for the wrong guy!" he yelled. She glared at him, but he was four. So she left him alone.
  • When my friend J, the host of our election night potluck, was the first one to hear the great news and interrupted our quiet glasses of wine by screaming and jumping up and down and then we started screaming and jumping up and down and then she stopped screaming and jumping up and down and yelled, "I just peed my pants!!" And we all howled and almost peed our pants - in solidarity.
  • Opening the bottle of year 2000 champagne almost made up for the last eight years. Okay, not really. But it was a fleeting moment of satisfaction.
  • When I asked my four year old friend if he liked voting, he yelled, "I voted for the BIG cages for chickens!"
  • The stop and start tears that happened all night because, let's face it, this was a very emotional election.
  • The feeling I have today. I think it's called hope.

Election Day Lowlight:
  • Prop 8. Seriously? WTF?


ms. changes pants while driving said...

yeah, what???? my older sister voted for obama, and for prop 8. she didn't even know what it was, so my other sister and i told her about it. we might have gotten too "gay happy" when explaining it. i don't get it. i honestly don't get prop 8 and the people who support it. i understand people who want to overturn roe vs wade. i get that side. i don't get gay marriage opponents. do they know that they're not going to be forced to marry someone of the same sex? this "sanctity crap" is for the birds. why not make divorce illegal if you want to sanctify it more. i don't get it.

yaayyyy four year olds!!

mamadaisy said...

YAY Rock Obama! He's our Present. He's a cool guy.

So sayeth my three year old.

Laura said...

Right there with ya, girl :) So sorry I missed the pee party.

DadaMama said...

2 passed down here in FL. I keep saying "CIVIL RIGHTS," but people just don't get it. Maybe my liberal accent is too thick?

Green Kitchen said...

I think I lost an email subscriber tonight because the word Obama is in a post, not even in any controversial context. Geesh, people.

fairymama said...

WTF is right?!? If California bans it, no wonder freakin' Wisconsin passed a similar ban. I had such high hopes.

furiousBall said...

despite chicken rage, i am still just a chicken in a cage

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Two c-sections means no weak bladder for me. I never pee my pants! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Check out that asshole. I know they're everywhere, still, but jesus christ, can you believe it?!!

Vicus Scurra said...

I came over her from Lin's nice blog. Now I will have to start reading yours. Shit! Don't you people understand that I can't spend all day on the electric internet?