Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Live and Let Live

I recently got a comment about my reaction to Prop 8/Hate from someone whose name I actually can remember, but I will save her the embarrassment and refer to her as:
Angry Stupid Shrew With Ignorant Persona Edified.

A.S.S.W.I.P.E.'s was one of the few comments I have ever deleted, but it bordered on defamation and libel and I am seriously doubting she wants the trouble, so it had to be done - out of respect for her future.
A.S.S.W.I.P.E. was very offended by my bird. You remember? The bluebirds for bigots?
If the shoe fits, wear it, right?
If not, walk away. There are plenty of other shoe stores out there.

Apparently, A.S.S.W.I.P.E. was so offended by my bird (even though she did admit that she found me attractive!) that it evoked the following strong words from her:
Live and let live.

At first I was livid! Poke fun at human rights, would she? How could she be so blatantly, so stupidly, hypocritical to condemn me for my reaction to hatred and bigotry and three giant steps back for humankind? Surely she was living in a hole if she thought that the words 'live and let live' did not apply to Prop 8/Hate- or even to her beliefs!

(By the way, dear readers; When you think of word for 'bangs fist against forehead in attempts to come up with a word that means the agony which I feel when I encounter such stupidity!', please let me know. I could use a word like that now.)

Think about it.
Let live.

(I guess if you read between the lines somewhere there may be the message 'go out there and vote to make sure that some certain people are not going to have the same rights as yours just cause they're different from you!' but I had a hard time finding that at first.)

But then, what I finally realized, was that A.S.S.W.I.P.E. was not echoing her own ill-thought credo to me, rather, she was finally coming to accept what was so horrendously ugly about her original decision to vote Hate.

Live and let live.

I am glad that I could help educate her.

It makes me feel all warm - in that 'scotch going down slowly' way.


Tracey said...

How convenient that her name could be condensed into such an easy to remember acronym!!

Anonymous said...

Why are your posts always so angry?

gwendomama said...

THIS was a happy post! What are you talking about?
You want angry, do a search on when a child dies.
I write about puppies and cupcakes - why are you always lurking around waiting to make trouble?

brneyedgal967 said...

Way off base Gwen. Snooty Primadona and I would have both voted NO on Prop 8... if it ever came to a vote on our states. Neither of us live in California. Neither of us posted anything denying gay rights.

I posted something similar to this before, but you deleted it. Perhaps you actually delete the comments that might reflect badly on your insistence to keep ranting about this. You'll probably delete this too.

I give up trying to reason with someone who seems to have lost all ability to be the slightest bit objective.

gwendomama said...

Thank you for visiting and suggesting that you would have voted no on 8 - I am genuinely happy that you stopped by to let me know.

your comments were NEVER deleted by me- EVER!! the reason i deleted the last one was b/c it was related to a previous work related subject!
If you posted something that you believe was deleted, please let me know. I really have only deleted about 3comments EVER!

I am not 'ranting' unless you keep visiting to see if I am still 'supporting a cause' against hate.

Let's remember that. Hate.

I won't delete any comments unless they are hate-crime worthy.

Like I said: If the shoe fits.......

I don't think it fits on your foot, so thank you for visiting without pretending to be anonymous and letting me set this straight!

gwendomama said...

By the way, when I say 'deleted the last one' that was the one by ASSWIPE. not brneyed....

Kelley said...

Next time I want to come up with an awesome name for an arsehat I am coming straight to you my lovely :)

furiousBall said...

I still don't understand voting against the right to marry for anyone. I mean if you want to defend it as a union in front of God... well, how many of these holy unions are comprised of two bible obeying couples? Are you really defending this holy union that fails more than it succeeds?

You know why? Fear. Fear of the unknown. Gay people don't want to impart any gayness on you. Gay people want to be happy with each other.

What is really on the table for you? Seriously? To keep this ball and go home with it? Look at what you're really defending or whatever territory you think you are keeping clean.

Your God wants you to love and help, not hate and deny love to others.

Think about how cold and difficult this world is for you, now put yourself in the role of the persecuted. You can call it a choice or genetic disposition, but bear in mind you too made a choice. If you truly look at what the definition of love is and with an open mind consider if you truly will be judged favorably in the real big picture.

jody g said...

I am ASSWIPE. Thanks for that lovely acronym.

I knew my comment would get your attention and I am glad it did, but you TOTALLY missed the point. Let me educate you...

I voted No on 8.

Surprised? You shouldn't be.

My comment that you should "Live and Let Live" had nothing to do with the specifics of Prop 8. It was aimed to address your offensive gesture and vitriolic condemnation of people who do not agree with you. Blog your opinions, fine. But attacking others like that is plain ugly.

We live in a Democracy. Folks can vote however they feel. That's the point.

Be upset that your team lost, but don't be such a **visually** judgemental sore loser. It's really unattrative. I will stay away from your narcissitc rantings, as this is a democracy and you can do want you want, I just don't have to be around you or read it.

Live and Let Live!

gwendomama said...

Jody - you promised to go away forever the first time. Now I plain don't trust you. No on 8 - that's almost funny.
Not sure why you are still here, but the spirit of blog seems to be lost on you...

Boss of Seattle said...

I am really confused. Why dear Jody do you freaking care if gwendomama is angry or not? In fact, I think this country could do with a little more down home pissed-off-ness. We are in a pretty big pickle to say the least, and I never see anything accomplished on such a great scale as we need without some truly angry people charging forward. Never was a revolution fought by a bunch of contented, well cared for folks. So please get real and admit (dear Jody) that in order to be a fully formed adult, one needs the capacity to feel all of the emotions and channel the energy generated by those feelings into action. I for one feel less angry than ashamed. It is a shame that discourse with emotion is frowned upon in our culture. It is plain rediculous as a matter of fact. I reccomend some serious thought about why this is such a difficult border for you to cross dear Jody. We are all adults here I assume...
As per the deletion of your comment, I think is is REALLY strange that you brought any reference to G's professional life to your comment. YIKES! Sort of jilted lover-esque I must say. Then add to that the reference to her physical appearance and you have jilted-lover-stalker-danger-freak on the rampage. Just sayin'. Get a life sister.

furiousBall said...

hey jody, i'm going to fart in a jar and mail it to you. merry christmas

Anonymous said...


I think Live and Let Live is a great credo for personal choices, such as marrying your partner, having an abortion, enjoying ice hockey, etc. You know, doing things that do not affect other people. But when civil rights and the taking away of them is being discussed, it's difficult to expect people not to become passionate in their beliefs.

You yourself say "as this is a democracy and you can do want you want"...that's not really true, is it?


Deb on the Rocks said...

Geener said everything I was going to say.

Live and let live is a great first step. But America was founded on the belief that rights are worth passionately advocating for, even fighting for. When someone says something racist, or sexist, or insulting to the basic dignity of a class of people, we must stand up.

It means everything to gay people that straight people, like Gwendomama, are willing to stand up for us and take some of the heated hate people feel for us.

Anonymous said...

Live and let live.
To me, that means anyone can marry who they want and live in peace.
Alot of people spout off that they are just protecting the "sanctity of marriage" when they say they don't want gays to marry. Yeah, because the divorce rate in this country hasn't already f'ed that up???
When you choose to vote no...a loved one of mine loses the right to marry the person they love. A BASIC right that you have always taken for granted.
And that's not fair, or letting them live as they choose to live.
But, who cares as long as you can sit back and feel smug because you took away a basic right of other human beings, right?
But, we need to just shut up because you won, according to you. Well, we expect the same from you when the time comes where everyone is free to love whomever they choose.

Linda said...

Love is Love. Get over it already. And I hope you don't read this, because that means your still here.

Gwendomama--you rock!

Anonymous said...

I think people who are against proposition 8 miss the point and the reason it got passed even beyond party lines...(I mean, both parties voted this in) is because of the religious liberty issue.

The gay community has already made it clear they will go after(legally, physically, and monetarily) any cleric or any church who refuses to 'marry' them, not withstanding that there are already congregations willing to do marriages for gays. The more liberal congregational christian churches and the Unitarian sects are all more then willing to marry gays, yet just like the reverend Phelps who goes over the top with his evil 'God hates fags' campaigns, there are those in the Gay and lesbian community who are just like Phelps with "God hates straights' using bully tactics to bring people around to their side. And please do not deny it. I'm Catholic and we all know about Act out going to masses and terrorizing parishioners.

That just wont work and is why prop 8 got so much leverage. It would be unconstitutional for congress to make laws restricting religions or creating and enforcing a state religion.

As I said, there are plenty of 'churches' that are willing to 'marry' gays, and so gays can go there, why focus on the churches or congregations that will not? That smacks of totalitarianism to me.

It boils down to a religious liberty issue. The constitution guarantees religious liberty, and the means people have a right to NOT accept the gay lifestyle as a tenant of their religious doctrine.

The gays own bully tactics have given them prop 8. They need to tone it down or they'll simply find themselves pushed back in the closet.

That's my humble opinion.