Monday, November 24, 2008

Zen Wedding

Remember the wedding we went to about a month ago?

Soak up some pictures while I busy myself compiling the fabulousness that was our day at The Big Fun. Unsolicited reviews don't write themselves, you know.

The cast of children present with the only requirement that they be silent adorable.

Lex and Supergirl, the ring bearers, and Sophie Fig.

And the stars of the day:

The beautiful brides, and the zen priest who married them.

Yes, Bubbles was there too, and looking quite dapper, but I cannot find a picture of him to prove it. He was a star attendee for a three year old. He wowed his seatmates with the ability to behave and entertain himself quietly with a small offering of new 'guys' for nearly an hour. He was so enthralled with his new 'guys' and their teeny tiny accessories and hats and helmets, that he kept going up to the zen priest after the wedding and asking him what happened to his hat. Didn't he know he was supposed to have some accessories on that bare head?


Cindy said...

Sophie Figs--that is too funny. I will tell her that's her new blog name.

Bubbles was truly amazing. Never underestimate guys, unless they're the real ones.

Deb on the Rocks said...

I love the photos!

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely photo - the person on the left has a funny shaped head though...hehe