Monday, November 17, 2008

Instead of the Phone Call I Feel Like Making

Dear Parent of twin first graders;

That kid you almost hit this morning in a head-on collision? The little girl on the bike who you ran straight into without swerving even an inch away from our path at the side of the road? The one who ran her own bike down the gulch into the brambles and poison oak so she wouldn't be hit by your car?



Try coffee - it's a wonder drug.

Lucky for you, I am not a violent person, so even when I see your little rugrats dangling dangerously off of the jungle gym, you can rest assured that I will not kick them off so they get a mouthful of sand. I would never do that. I just want you to remember that next time you come right for my daughter with your CAR and I have a ROCK in my hand.

Supergirl's Mother


Tracey said...

:O :O So glad she's ok!! No broken bones or serious injuries??

Makes me nauseous to just think about that...

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

I'm surprised you were able to not slap the living CRAP out of that woman!.

When I went to drop my niece off at school last week I stopped for a cross walk, A kid was riding his bike across the street. The mom in the oncomming traffic that was supposed to stop was not paying a BIT of attention. So because I did not know if the kid saw her and was going to stop or if she was ever going to start paying attention (GET OFF THE DARN PHONE IN A SCHOOL ZONE YOU IDIOT!) I honked. She slammed her brakes coming to a stop IN the crosswalk and looked at me like I was an idiot. I rolled down my window and advised in my rudest voice ever "YOU ARE IN A SCHOOL ZONE YOU SHOULD BE PAYING MORE ATTENTION TO WHATS GOING ON AROUND YOU THEN WHOEVER IS GABBING IN YOUR DARN EAR AND FOR CHRISTS SAKES PUT DOWN THE DARN LATTE!!!" Literally she had a Blackberry in her left hand and a latte in her right hand. and she called me a B**** The girl in the car behind me got out of the car and approached the womans car and gave her a What for as well. I would have gotten out and smacked the woman except I'm six months pregnant..and I didnt want to fight..but my niece whom I had not yet dropped off goes "Aunt Cathy...that's one of my teachers..I'm so not going to hear the end of that"
I Got the teachers name and called the school and complained. And apparently the teacher has treated my niece like crapola since then... I talked to her mom and told her to get her out of that idiots class. If she's not smart enough to stop in a cross walk..why would I want her teaching one of our kids!!

gwendomama said...

Oh my gawd there is just SO MUCH wrong with that. REALLY.

The punchline being the TEACHER calling you a beyotch is the best (or worst) one!

whoa, you rock for trying to do something. really - I would do the same. I must be a little hot headed/protective because back when I was a nanny maybe 18 years ago...I chewed out someone who didn't see me walking with a BIG OLD STROLLER and nearly ran - NOT MY KID - the baby down.
They were never the same.

Lunasea said...

Ooooh, those are horrible stories. I can't believe that teacher wasn't mortified.

We have a busy crosswalk to cross whenever we walk to school and I'm sooo careful - I'm usually pushing the boys in a stroller so I can run. What gets me are the ones who stare at me like I'M the one doing something wrong! How dare I expect them to stop for me and my two children while WE'RE IN THE CROSSWALK????

Some look apologetic, and they just get the evil eye, but the ones who have the nerve to look at me scowling get rocks thrown at them. Seriously. Don't fuck with my kids' safety.

Aunt Jennie/Dee-Dee said...

Go Catherine! That's what I would have done had I been near this incident with Supergirl! Aunt's can do ANYTHING! I may still fly out and come after her! Touch my niece and look out! And that teacher? She needs to be gone! You are right...why would anyone want her teaching! Kudos to you! Hugs, hugs and more hugs to Supergirl! And of course you too Mama...that must have been awful to watch.