Friday, November 14, 2008

Update on the Plank

We were offered an extended visit on the ship -the plank was out of order.

Took the Bubbles down to favorable ABA education office to see Amazing Teacher S, and it appeared that the little peer friend who was supposed to be there for his session was home sick. This last session was supposed to be a two hour peer session, in which Bubbles and one other child will be guided by Teacher S in a mock play group or preschool setting; taking turns, joining in songs, playing together. But since the other little guy didn't show up, we were granted a one hour session (GIFT!) and will re-schedule for next week.

Bubbles announced to me when we got there today, "I NO CRY!" and I walked him in to hug Amazing Teacher S.
No cry, indeed.

You are beginning to see just how difficult this is, aren't you?

I feel like I was just given a few deep breaths.


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Awww babe......