Thursday, July 17, 2008

BlogHer 08's Me.

Within the first five minutes of walking into the St. Francis Lobby:

  • I introduced myself to Catherine and her sweet baby boy, and she said....ummm....Gwendowho? (Awesome! Already making new friends everywhere!)

  • Started to check-in to the hotel and saw standing next to me (trying to check in but dealing with some red tape shit about the deposit on the room, etc) one of the only people I actually know. Yay! Jess is here! And I know where her room is, too.
  • Jess asked who my roommate was, and when I joked about the 'she has eight kids I doubt I could piss her off this weekend' thing, some complete stranger, also checking in (and I bet she is also a blogger), said "I know how to piss her off! Get her PREGNANT!"

  • The woman checking me in? She handed me a BlogHer '08 pin, and then two minutes later, she forgot and asked if I got one so I said no, so she gave me another one and then three minutes later, she asked me again if she had given me a pin and I said no, so she gave me another one. (one of those is yours, Judy!)

First hour after checking in:

  • I discovered Victoria's Secret next door in the hotel, and I purchased new panties. Yes I did.

  • I got snubbed by Guy Kawasaki by not getting invited to The Exclusive Hawt Party. What's up with that, Guy? You put me on the ultimate mommybloggers list, but that's not enough I supposed? Your loss. My panties look lovely.

  • I saw someone else I actually know IRL and love. Love. Respect and Love. And looks super with her flourescent hair. Now I have seen two out of the four people I actually have met before. I gave her one of my extra pins; she had missed out on the pin. She said that she used to feel freaked out about coming to this thing but now that she knows so many people, she doesn't feel that way anymore. I smiled, nodded, said I didn't know anyone bu wasn't prone to freak out so easily.
  • I lied!!
  • I am still alone in the hotel room, my roommate is not yet here, the BOS (who is making a surprise guest appearance and might even guest blog for me tomorrow while I am actually at The Blog) is on her way over the GG Bridge, and I get first pick of the beds.

  • Sadly, there is no top bunk over which to fight.


nakedjen said...

i am really sad that i'm not there to fight with you over the beds. no, seriously, i am. and your panties. you know i'd be fighting with you over those, too.

mamadaisy said...

dude, you jest!

that hotel room looks heavenly.

Kelley said...

Squeeeeeee! The first Blogger at BlogHer post I have read! With a pic of the room, which is much better than I expected.

Have fun babe, and buy me some panties too K?

furiousBall said...

see i was hoping that (like in my head) all you ladies would just have a huge pillow fight in your bra and panties.

and then just make out.

Lin said...

Well, you know if I had hauled my sorry self up to Blogher that I'd be yakking at you and giving you big hugs. And what's with Guy anyway... and explain to me something, please. Just read his bio and he says he's an evangelist (definitions follow). I'm curious as to just which kind of evangelist he is. Is it just the evangelical enthusiasm. Clue me in, please (and have loads of fun, kid). xoxo

1. a Protestant minister or layperson who serves as an itinerant or special preacher, esp. a revivalist.
2. a preacher of the gospel.
3. (initial capital letter) any of the writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) of the four Gospels.
4. (in the primitive church) a person who first brought the gospel to a city or region.
5. (initial capital letter) Mormon Church. a patriarch.
6. a person marked by evangelical enthusiasm for or support of any cause

Cindy said...

ooooohh . . . I am SO BUMMED I am not there with you!!! Not that I'm not enjoying my vaca in the Tetons, Yellowstone, and Montana. But seriously. I can't believe you got to bunk with Tricia. Is she as awesome as I think she is??

Lunasea said...

I saw you! I saw you wrangling the microphone at the morning session yesterday! But at the end, by the time I'd worked my way across the room to tackle you (I mean, say hi), you were gone! Never to be seen again...

No wonder they were out of pins by the time I checked in on Saturday morning! They gave them all to you! They were out of lanyards, too, but I had my snitch in the recycling room hoard one for me.

ktjrdn said...

Wow. those rooms look so much better than the hotel last year in Chicago. Wish I could have gone

Carmen said...

I LOVED seeing you. LOVED it. Highlight of my weekend.

Carmen, Mom to the Screaming Masses whose sign in is messed up