Friday, July 18, 2008

Will My Words Come Back to Kick Me in the Arse?

I am sitting across from a panel of mommybloggers, trying to get Chris to crack or giggle, but damn is she poised. And so freaking cute I want to cover her with frosting and take a bite of her!
We are talking about security and exposure and protection of your children in your blog.
I won't have a chance to post later, as I am working each and every mommyblogging session after this.
This is a loaded session - people have concerns ranging from privacy and embarrassment of your children to kidnapping and sexual predators.
Ramifications of the internet exposure that we choose are mind-boggling. Tanis' mothering skills were challenged during the process of adoption because the adoption agency didn't like her sense of humor and found her to be inappropriate.
I fear that we will lose help for our child or mark him for the future by merely writing about his special needs and our journey. I fear that the parents of the children I teach will discover my blog and my liberal use of the word 'fuck' and then decide that I should absolutely not be singing happy songs to their babies.
I worry more about the implications of exposure and choices that I justify now and how they may bite me in the ass later.
Chris says if you write it out there, it will be found. (take home message: Don't write about anything you don't want the wrong person to read.)
Call me a rebel, but I am just going to choose to ignore that to some degree.
I hate restraints. I resist them.
Stay tuned to see what I have written so far that kicks me in the ass in the future! Should be fun.


furiousBall said...

restraints are only fun when you're tied to the bed and you remembered to hide your wallet from the hooker

Carmen said...

Well, I'm blogging about your comments about my boobs, so there you go.

And I would have grabbed your butt if I knew you rolled that way. Alas, no one informed me...

Carmen, whose signin is messed up and who is too lazy to figure it out, over at Mom to the Screaming Masses

Denise said...

Hey as you know I had to go private to protect my family. It was not my choice.There were some people out there who just didn't need to read my shit.

Debbie said...

Ay Carumba! And here I go asking you for your blog name during class. (slapping open palm against forehead with a big fat 'doh!')

I haven't gotten farther than this post, but I am looking forward to reading more!

Thanks so much for your patience and kind heart toward Miles today. Maybe next week we'll be able to handle more than the last 10 minutes of class!