Friday, July 25, 2008

When Children Die; (insert appropriate phrase here) (i know, there isn't one)

Please excuse the delay in the long-overdue 'HERE are all the super-great things about Blogher, no really - stop looking at that other thing now' post. It will come tomorrow. ((hopeful))

I love all of you for visiting and your comments are making my day. And thank you for that.

But forgive my absence and pensive/broodiness..
Listen Up:
Of all the panels I attended at Blogher '08, the one most touching and near and dear to my heart was the one about 'blogging about our children with special needs'.
[Thank you, Squid]
Each woman/mother on the panel was a model of intellect, sensitivity, insight, and strength.
One of these mothers is Vicki Forman, whose son, Evan, died two days ago, in a sudden and devastating loss.

I wish for her family that nobody has the audacity to ever, ever imply that his death was 'for the best' or that he or his family was 'spared' in any way.
Because I will mess them up.

Please send them some love.

And for now, speak softly.
And hug your babies close to you.
Very close.


Always Home and Uncool said...

This sucks so bad. I was just reading about her making ribbons for the funeral goers of a kid who died of cancer. Not a good way to start a Saturday.

Sending love their way. Thanks for the heads up. Very well put, G.

Elizabeth said...

Vicki Forman's son died? oh my god. She did a book signing in the BlogHer bookstore, I arranged it. What happened? I'm in shock.