Saturday, August 16, 2008

Awards, Links, Speshulness

Awards, gifts...I feel like I am all warm and fuzzy all at once and whoa.

I kinda like it.

First, the exciting I Won Big Package Day.

Then? Then I got this from Headless Mom.

Because apparently, I kick ass. Which I do. And she knows that. Not that I'd kick her ass, because I totally wouldn't. I would pinch it, but just a tiny bit and then I would pretend it wasn't me.
Here's the thing. I think she kicks ass, because she is:

  • pretty

  • kind

  • really smart

  • and apparently not afraid of my severe godlessness or guilt by association on judgment day.

So, in turn, I am supposed to award five bloggers the kick ass award. I hate chain letters more than root canals (because with root canals you usually end up with some reasonably good drugs, whereas chain letters? nothing but trouble.), but I love to kick ass, so the way I see it, if every kick ass blogger awards five more bloggers, eventually we all will kick ass. Which will then make it less special, sure, but who are you calling elitist? I didn't think so.
So...I am going to award five women whom I met for the first time this year at Blogher (which narrows it down for me and makes it slightly easier):

  • Rachel, mother of six, residing in Israel and writing about infertility and beyond (yes, six)...we had a meaningful conversation in the shoe department of Macy's with mayhem all around us. I heart Yirmi.

  • Melanie of Left Coast Mom, who found herself partying with the other crazy left coast chicks by some awesome layout of fate. Her mom just died. Her dog died last week. Be extra nice to her.

  • Laurie, of Laurie Writes. Again - another happenstance of meeting, partying and secrets. (Shhhhhhh)

  • Kelly, who is MochaMomma. She is smart and nice and pretty and tall and wears great shoes without falling over and I want to be her when I grow up.

  • Loralee. I can not believe I had never met her before. I am totally smooching her next year now that I know she has no boundaries.

  • (I totally have at least five more. Damn this is harder than I thought! FAIL!)


Then I got notice of this.

I have been honoured for writing about my son Elijah.

A bittersweet honour (I say honour because sweet Kate is Canadian), (and I say bittersweet because I have been honoured for spinning thoughts into words which were spewed out in attempts to hold insanity at bay), but one which bears the prestige of being recognized for sharing one's barest truth. Kind of like a bravery medal.
And one which comes because I have written about my son Elijah. There is no greater honour; and no greater way to honour him.

But to take it one step further, I was also nominated for another post in the very same month. (Thank you, whomever you are...)

Evidently, the emotional arteries are in a clearing phase.

Thank you, Glow, for reminding me to not keep my words to myself.

~Give sorrow words.
The grief that does not speak
knits up the overwrought heart
and bids it break.~



laurie said...

Hey, thanks, Gwendomama! If there's an award I like it includes the words "kick ass."

I'll be sure to pay it forward, with many hugs back to you.

Deb on the Rocks said...

I was just reading your blog when my son came out from his room to tell me he doesn't want to go back to school tomorrow, and then he noticed the screen and said "Hey! Gwendomama!" Like you are famous to him. And I'm like "you know Gwendomama?" And he said "I stole Gwendomama's lighter!"

So he doesn't have an award to give you, but those are some teen props for you tonight, too.

gwendomama said...

DEB -- HAHA! I AM famous!

mwuahahaha. my brilliant marketing plan to supply teens with firestarts has worked.

Loralee Choate said...

Bwah ha ha ha!

I think that your description of me is hilarious (and accurate. ;) )

I swear next year I am going to get a buttons to pass out that say, "I will make out with you at BlogHer".


Headless Mom said...

Smooches, friend. I totally wasn't looking for props back but I'll take 'em.

Congrats on the other fire. You deserve it!

Rachel Inbar said...

Cool :-) Thanks for the award! I am so honored!

sweetsalty kate said...

Ahh, that is just perfection, how you described it - yes. An award for sharing the barest truth. Happy to be your neighbour here in blogland and honoured to give you the favour of this blingy colour for your blog, to demonstrate to your our ardour.

Debbie said...

You deserve awards! You deserve wooden foxes! You deserve the Dukes of Hazzard board game. (oh, wait...that was me)
You have a great gift for writing. I'm enjoying getting to know you this way :)

Melanie K said...

I always wanted to say that it was an honor just to be nominated, but wow! Now I get to skip that big fat lie and go straight to the award! Which I will endeavor to pass on once I tie up a few family things and get back to normal-ish. Then I'll have to come up with another reason for you to be nice to me--other than my mom or my dog, that is. Thanks for the award! You totally kick ass, too!

Mocha said...

Awww, man. It's cuz I totally walked up to you at BlogHer and started talking like we were in mid-conversation, wasn't it? Because I might have to say that

a) I wasn't drunk! Not even a little bit!

b) Your patchouli-smelling wondrousness drew me to you


c) Our educator sonar went off, right?

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Mocha said...

Oops. I forgot my manners.

THANKS, GWENDOMAMA. You're speshul, too. (Did you know I'd been lurking lately? No. Ok. Forget it. Wasn't me.)

gwendomama said...

I have to say that I understood the mid-conversation. We are just sisters that way, babe.

and in my defense,
a) I never thought you were drunk. I am impressed by anyone who can maintain balance in heels.
b)everyone thinks i'm a dirty stinkin hippy when peeps mention that patchouli thing. because hippies always wore patchouli to cover up the pot smell. i just want you to know that i wear POT scented oil to cover up my natural scent which apparently is patchouli. throws people off all the time. dude, you totally don't want to fly with me.
c) beep beep beep.....smartypants...