Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obligatory Back to School Bento Post

Full disclosure: I am not adhering to bento style lunches as much as I am committed to sending waste free lunches in cute little bento boxes. When my regular teaching schedule resumes in October, I will probably not be as committed or able to pack and/or photograph lunches. Rest assured, my children will never show up at school with a lunchable.

The first step to getting back into the groove was to organize and inventory the bento supplies.

Wow, that was easier than I thought. I have a ton more shit than I thought I did.

Okay, next step was to pack lunches that my starving children will actually eat. I say 'starving' because that is what they choose to do. Starve themselves and force me to throw away literally tons of organic delicious food every single year.

For Bubbles' first preschool pre-packed lunch, he got the three foods he will always eat, and a few wild cards for luck.

Pirate booty, rice cake and dried snap peas, bacon, fruit leather strips, and a Japanese rice cracker.

Supergirl got what I would consider a delicious lunch:

Snack container of popcorn, PB&homemadeJam, fresh strawberries and cherry tomatoes.

Supergirl later declared this lunch as being 'too red'. Mmmkay.

MORE on where to buy Bento Supplies here.


Debbie said...

Bubbles is a good man liking the bacon. I'm all for animal rights, but fried up bacon serves a southern girl well, thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

Where can one buy the cute little bento supplies?


Anonymous said...

It's never occurred to me to send bacon in a lunch box... I'll have to do that some day! My youngest kid has a kid with severe peanut allergy in his preschool class this year, so no pb sandwiches, which was his every day staple last year. -Anita R.

Jenine said...

I second that bento supply question. I can't ever seem to find anything like that around here. I'm probably going to have to get them over the internet. Know of any cool sites for it?

Anonymous said...

Our kids school is loaded with children who are unfortunate to have parents who think lunchables are ok. We pack AMAZING food in their lunchboxes, we really go to great efforts to have all food groups, appetizing food. My kids come home then and say so and so gave her some of their lunchables. I'm disgusted. I try really hard to tell them to eat only their food and I think they're getting the point, but I think they still get their share of lunchable shit. Help! Any suggestions?

gwendomama said...


if you live in the bay area, meet me there sometime! but this is the only online outlet i know of.

Anonymous said...

Ichibankan rocks! My kids are in high school and middle school and they still get their lunches packed in little bento boxes, right down to the monkey sauce cups with the banana latch.

Thanks for the tip -- before your Bento blog, I was buying them from Mitsuwa in Saratoga for about 10x more.

Judy said...

I have some of your exact same bentos! Do you have a resource for the elastic bands to go around them? I was going to make some but all I can find is white and I do't know if elastic will take dye. I will check jbox (I think thats the name.) thanks

B said...

Too red? I love it. The way kids see things is the best. I hope the jam in that sandwich was red.

Jerri Ann said...

My oldest son asks for salads and fruits all the time. But even he wouldn't eat as well as your kids do. That's awesome looking to me, well..maybe not all of it but most of it.

My second born child would not touch anything in any of those containers..I kid you not!

Walker's teacher said he was mad last week because I sent him with PB Crackers instead of grapes. She couldn't believe it.

MountainMommaSpy said...

We should all make a group trip to Mitsuwa and then Japantown SF. Our favorite thing to do once a year is stay a night at Hotel Kabuki in Japantown. They have traditional sunken Japanese bathtubs are are amazing. It's a treat to have dinner Juban Yakiniku with the grill on the table and a bottle of sake for the grown ups and then stumble... I mean walk back to the hotel and take a hot bath. We should grab Alissa and her family and all make a trip. :)

Vee said...

kudos to you for an (all?) organic foodie lifestyle. i should be more stringent on my own menu.

it kinda makes me wonder though, if all this going organic trend might kick us all in the ass with some crazy bug problem, or disease.

and then i think, well, we've got modern medicine.

i'll take nature over some evil lab-concocted preservative, though, anyday.

Anonymous said...

Damn straight it was too red! We're a blue state! - hehe Geener

Ellie said...

Oooooh, I love me a red lunch.

Christina Shaver said...

This is the first time I've read your blog, and I must say, Supergirl rocks! Where do kids come up with these things? LOVE it.

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